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Trainer Assessment/ 20 minute Learning Session


Hi guys,

I've been given the opportunity to become a trainer at the call centre I work at.

I have been invited to an assessment, I have to deliver a 20 minute learning session on any topic. I have come up with the idea of teaching them how to make an origami box. 

Im just struggling with having to use up all the time.

I was wondering if anyone had any ideas that I could use to fill the time?


3 Responses

  1. Session Structure

    Hi Ruby,

    Sounds like a great opportunity to get into L&D if that's what you want to do.  ūüôā

    I think you will easily be able to fill 20mins with your idea, by the time you introduce the session, run through the learning outcomes, ave the delegates make the box then review their efforts and learning.

    The one thing I would suggest is that you consider thinking about how your learning topic links back to workplace learning, for example maybe have a discussion with delegates around what skills they used to make the box (i.e. problem solving, tenacity, working together, following instructions or whatever) and how they can use these same skills in their role at work.  This would demonstrate your ability as a facilitator to help learners consolidate and transfer classroom based learning back into the workplace.

    Hope that's been helpful & good luck!

    Kind regards,


  2. a quick word of caution

    Hi Ruby

    it is NOT my intention to cause a problem but……

    have you checked that you will have some live people to run the session with?  I had a very similar brief some years ago and I found myself in a room with one person…..I had planned a session that required some practice and discussion and it was a total flop with only one guy sitting like a lemon, unable to do anything I had planned!

    'Filling' 20 minutes is less of a problem if you follow Fiona's advice….but do find out (if you don't already know) what resources (including # of learners) you will have to work with!


    (PS. I did get the gig….on the grounds that I thought on my feet and rejigged the plan to suit one person….the guy recognised that in the real world you often have this kind of challenge and a good trainer has to be able to improvise, adapt and overcome)


  3. Origami, Ties and Making Pancakes

    One of the problems with Origami is that if your interviewers have been interviewing for any length of time they will have seen various combinations of paper folding, tying ties and making pancakes many times.

    The other reason I would suggest not to do it is we usually learn best when the subject matter is useful for us and will make a difference to our lives…a paper box will do neither of those things.

    How about…

    A short presentation of what selling actually is (3 minutes)

    Explain the 7 steps of selling (7 minutes)

    Exercise to sell a small object to each other (7 minutes)

    Learning review (3 minutes)



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