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Trainer required for 1 days delivery…



What's the daily rate for a freelance trainer?

Should a newly contracted Trainer be paid for studying the session plan before delivery? Or is it standard to include their prep time in the daily delivery fee?

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3 Responses

  1. quality or quantity


    it all depends on you and the trainers business model. prep is not delivery…

    If you are paying a very low rate then you should also support prep time – after-all you want a good delivery don’t you?

    Many of us do not charge "day rates" but "solution rates" – this means we take the hit on doing whatever it takes to deliver a solution.

    Its all down to your contact. One provider i have just done some work with commented – I was more than 3 times the cost of previous people he had used but got the best ever feedback – I have been re-contracted!

    You get what you pay for.

  2. My experience…


    In my experience, if you are being offered associate work, then you will be expected to prepare (and travel)  as part of the agreed fee. I have not often been paid for preparation time – the only exceptions are when the client wants you to use/refer to something that is very specific to their business. You must make a judgement about whether you think the day rate is sufficient for the amount of prep you have to do, plus travel, plus delivery plus any follow-up. Some people offer very low rates, and I have started to turn this down. Have your own ‘minimum’ in mind, and stick to that.

    Of course, if you are negotiating your own contract, you can incorporate any preparation time into your total fee.


    Sheridan Webb

  3. Do as you would be done by …

    If I’m asking someone to do work for me then I will pay them for the time I think it will take for them to do the job.  If you are paying a freelancer to run a course you may not make as much profit if you pay for prep time, but think how you would like to be treated?  I generally apply the "do as you would be done by" theory – may not make me a millionaire, but my little bit of the world is a better place to be!  🙂 

    If you are being offered freelance work with someone else then I’d still have that discussion with them.  If they want you to do a good job they can’t expect you just to turn up on the training day and deliver a fantastic session without ensuring you prepare first.  And why should you do that for free?

    It also depends on the day rate – if you’re paying/receiving a decent fee then this may cover prep time may.  Also the prep time could be paid at a lower rate to account for the type of work involved.  It’s a personal arrangement so there aren’t any right answers, just make sure there is a decent agreement in place so that all parties know what they’re agreeing to provide/receive.


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