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Trainers Kit



What contents would you suggest go in a trainers kit?

I have juggling balls for group discussions, Early Learning Centre cards (match the animal to the noise) for pairing up and a little book of quizzes for that emergency mind switcher, any other ideas of items I can add to my box?


Paul Stead

4 Responses

  1. a word of warning

    Draw closer and let me tell you a story

    Some years ago I was a naive beginner in the world of training and I was working alongside a grey haired wise owl of many summers.

    He began a day workshop with the ELC cards to pair people up.
    A senior and somewhat imposing lady manager suddenly fixed him with steely gaze and asked him,

    “What is the objective of this activity?”

    He replied,

    “It is to pair you off and have a little fun!”

    She looked at him as if he were something she had found at the bottom of a drain and asked, in sepulchral tones…

    “Fun for whom?”

    24 other delegates put down their cards and after an embarrassed silence he asked people to find a partner they didn’t know to pair off with.

    I’m not sure he ever recovered but I still remember the event 15 years later.

    on a more serious note:
    -a kitchen timer
    -a stopwatch
    -blu tack
    -drawing pins
    -marker pens
    -name badges
    -tons of post it notes
    -pens and pencils for delegates who only have a £500 pda
    -something for people to charge their mobile off on a long residential
    -note paper
    -a stapler and sellotape
    -a mars bar for real emergencies
    -scissors/knife for opening client sent parcels of manuals
    -a data stick and a couple of blank CD roms
    -matches to loan the smokers
    -some herbal tea sachets for the end of a hard day

    Hope that helps

  2. Packet of small treats for rewards?
    One of the msot enjoyable training sessions I participated in was one in which the trainer threw small bars (get a pack of 10 or 12?) for rewards, such as milky way miniatures or similar. They can be used to reward, say, groups who finish first if you are short of time, or groups with the best set of answers?

  3. Medication
    Since having delegates in distress at times in a 20 year training career I always have Paracetemol/Aspirin and Rennie/BiSoDol on duty


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