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Trainer’s Top Tips for Mental Fitness


Keeping the mind in shapeIn today’s tough business climate we've become very focussed on keeping our bodies in good order, but we often forget about keeping the mind in shape. We generally feel that our mental functions will look after themselves, but they require TLC and regular workouts to stay positive and sharp. Steve Miller, management and personal development trainer, explains the significance for the training community.

I believe ‘we are what we think’ so taking stock of the health of the seat of our belief system is vital. Put simply, if you are delivering training and your mind isn’t fit for purpose then you’ll let down employers, trainees and yourself.

I’m not going to wrap it up in cotton wool, use life coaching clap trap and give you the excuses for not making the most of yourself. I will tell it like it is, but remember this is for your benefit. I want you to be able to deliver a training experience that is inspirational and fantastic, not average.

If you started to feel a little jaded when preparing, presenting or managing training programmes in 2007 then I have six pieces of advice that will make you shine in 2008:

"Identify someone in the training world who you admire. Notice what makes them brilliant; what they do and how they do it."

Steve Miller, management and personal development trainer

Tip 1: Take responsibility and drop the whinge factor

Start paying attention to the way your mind talks to you. If you are putting yourself down and feel there is no point in boosting your mental fitness then get real because the training you deliver suffers. Imagine kicking out the negative ‘emotional rubbish’ that clouds your thoughts. Maybe you had a couple of bad pieces of feedback from a recent training session and it’s knocked your self-confidence. Admit you are human, make mistakes and move on.

Tip 2: Identify a role model

Identify someone in the training world who you admire. Notice what makes them brilliant; what they do and how they do it. Perhaps it is the way they communicate which is inspiring, or their intelligent and determined approach to challenging tasks. Let the details of their excellence register in your mind and begin taking on their actions so that your impact on those around you improves.

Tip 3: Bin the drains and surround yourself with radiators

It may sound dramatic but let go of those who constantly drain you. These are the people who suck the life out of others, who dismiss ambition and are jealous of your positive attitude. The drains are eternal victims and are dangerous to have around because your unconscious mind will end up soaking up their garbage talk and this will limit your ability to shine. You need to make the radiators your friends and these are the people that both give and take. They are those who will share their training tips with you, but who will also listen to your own insights.

Tip 4: Better than all the rest

"Mentally tell yourself that you are in control, you’re the best at what you do and feel at ease with yourself."

It’s important that every day you consciously talk-up your own self-esteem. Mentally tell yourself that you are in control, you’re the best at what you do and feel at ease with yourself. If you do this regularly the statements will bury themselves deep into your subconscious mind and eventually become part of you and your ‘life brand’. This has to be your daily mantra and remember you are what you think you are. Support this by using positive pictures of yourself, along with a positive narrative, as you play your own success movie in your mind. This could be you successfully pitching for a new corporate client or winning an award for a new mode of training you developed and delivered.

Tip 5: Getting over the hurdles in 2008

To improve the way you train and deliver your professional advice I want you to start keeping a diary of the achievements you make and setbacks that you encounter. It’s crucial that you learn from any mistakes or barriers that you meet and get over and around them quickly. You should find that writing these issues down will help you to be flexible in your coping strategies and crucially keep you confident. It will also develop original ideas that will add to your training and management skills.

Tip 6: Remember you are unique and you deserve to be a winner

Having read this guide on keeping your mind as fit as your body you will understand that you are a unique product. Nobody else is like you and therefore you are rare and special. Believe in yourself and this is all the edge you need to be better than all the rest as a trainer or training manager.

Steve Miller is a management and personal development trainer. Go to for more detailed information.


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