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training and learning; why bother?


Hi all

I'm writing a piece on the 'point of learning' and I want to generate a list of all the reasons that someone might make the effort to learn or ask a staff member to make the effort.

I'm looking for short (10 words or fewer) answers to create a bulleted list.

What do you think?

Rus Slater

11 Responses

  1. Why Stunt Your Growth?

    Hi Russ.

    I’m sure you are going to get lots of standard ideas for this one, so I suggest an unusual final point – a sort of a taunt to those who have a narrow field of vision … Why Stunt Your Growth?  It lays down a challenge, which I suppose is part and parcel of learning.

    I’ll wait to see whether you do get all the standard ideas.  Good luck.

  2. Good old days

    In the good old days our grandparents would learn a skill that would last a lifetime…our parents had to re train 2 or 3 times during their careers…we have to re train almost every year or more. The next generation will have to attend training almost weekly just to keep up.

    So in a nutshell…if you don’t train you will be left behind very quickly as the world is moving faster than ever.

    On a positive note, Training is not a bad thing to do for a living as there will be more and more work!

  3. very nicely put Steve….

    Red Queen Syndrome: you have to keep running just to stay in the same place!


  4. Why learn/train?

    Hi Rus

    Here are a few thoughts:

    People learn to:

    • Do their job better/keep their job
    • Prepare for the next job in the same company
    • Prepare for another job in another company
    • Learn a new skill
    • Help others learn


    People ask others to learn (and pay for that learning) for all the above reasons too, plus:

    • Have a more flexible workforce
    • Reduce the amount of tax they pay
    • Get a gong to put on the wall (IIP etc)
    • To retain their staff
    • To prepare for up or downsizing
    • To prepare for other major change (eg diversification)


    Will keep thinking.

    Have a great weekend one and all





  5. thanks Jenny…

    …you have added at least one that I hadn’t thought of

    ‘ave a good weekend


  6. Training Why Bother

  7. Another thought

    Following on from the previous response, one of my favourite expressions is:

    "If you don’t grow your own people they will go and grow elsewhere"



  8. My answers

    Well, there’s the old chestnut – ‘If you think training is expensive – try ignorance’. Alternatively, how about keeping up with the demands of the  job, improving skillset, personal development, diversifying, making your self (or someone else) more useful to the business. Tons of ’em really!  

  9. but Andy…..

    …I thought ‘ignorance’ was supposed to be ‘bliss’….

    but seriously, good point!


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Rus Slater


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