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Training exercise for senior managers


I’m a National Training Manager from the construction industry and I’ve been made redundant
I now have an interview with a hotel chain to deliver a 20 min presentation as a mock training session
The brief ia as below
I would really appreciate feedback on the approach i should take 
Presentation:  In advance prepare, a 20 minute training session to deliver to myself and the Learning and Development Director. You may assume that your target audience are hotel Line Manager’s. 
Presentation Brief:
After reviewing the PDR's and PDP for your cluster, you see there is a need for HOD's to develop in the Decision Making competency. Your session should therefore help the HOD's to develop in this competency, by identifying what the specific issues may be and looking at ways you can develop in this competency. You may use recognised theories and practical demonstrations.

All your help would be greatly appreciated - i'm going mad watching daytime tv!

Thanks Helena

3 Responses

  1. Training Idea
    Hi Helena

    You won’t go far wrong by having a look at and quoting Edward de Bono.

    Also worth having a look at “Panel of Experts” which is a technique quite often found on NLP courses.

    Both of the above would be a good foundation for a short presentation on Decision Making.

    Good luck


  2. 20 minutes to make a decision

    What an interesting challenge!   

    I agree with Steve that De Bono is a good source.  You could lead them through a 20 minute ‘Six Thinking Hats’ session to show how this approach can be used for group decision making.

    However, my starting point would be to find out what they include in their ‘Decision Making’ competency – do you have a definition or a list of behavioural indicators?  There could be all sorts of issues that need addressing  – e.g. not addressing root causes, a lack of decisiveness, insufficient creativity, lack of commercial realism in decisions –  and they would need different solutions.  If you don’t have this information, I’d be tempted to ring up and ask for it (which also shows that you are keen and using your initative).  Then you can tailor your approach to the underlying problem.

    If you can’t get this information in advance, then perhaps you could use your 20 minutes on the day with the aim of ‘Making a decision on the right approach to our decision making development need’ – a structured approach like fishbone analysis might be a way to do this

    Good luck!


  3. Interesting Challenge

    Some good advice above…worth printing out and demonstrating that you have been here…??? Shows great initiative.

    You have quite an interesting challenge on your hands…wish I had to do it!

    I would have 2 or 3 imaginary managers (give them names and introduce them…ie this is Jim, he is blah blah blah)  Walk each of them through a series of decision making challenges using 3 different decision making techniques. Capture each manager and each technique on a flip chart and summarise at the end. Start and finish with a powerful message…

    One thing I have mentioned before on here is the need to keep it simple. By all means quote therory’s and educationalists etc and demonstrate a knowledge of decision making principles but be very careful not to go too deep…being understood is far more important than being clever!

    Looking forward to hearing how you get on!



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