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Training Followup


As part of our training followup, we send out e-newsletters with new ideas and advice. Knowing what is in these newsletters, I wish 100% of our trained volunteers would open them up and read through them. However, we don't get a 100% open rate. What percentage is considered a good open rate???

2 Responses

  1. It depends

    Hi Brooke

    A lot depends on the type of Newsletter and the way you send it. E Mail, Twitter, Facebook etc

    I must recieve about 10 a day every day and delete at least 9. Most are just uninteresting and not worth the time or effort to read.

    So which ones do I read? The ones that offer me something new or something I think I can use and they have about 2 seconds before the delete button so think very carefully how you will grab your recipients attention. I quite like ones with Surveys or Quizes or "Whats New" or "How To" type features…

    A few Newsletters I would recommend having a look at are Mind Tools, Kaizen, Teachertrainingvideos, Skill Pill, Bitesize…I usually open and read all of them so they must be getting something right.

    As for how often…certainly no more than twice a month or they just become junk mail. Interesting to see what others think.

    Good luck



  2. Follow-ups

     The response rate to training follow-ups is very mixed. With a voluntary audience I’m not surprised it is low. Even if the content is useful, if they are not even opened there is little you can do within the newsletter. I can only suggest trying some canny tactics. You understand the audience better than me so try brainstorming some creative ways to make them curious enough to open it. I’d certainly try briefing them during the training about the sort of invaluable information the newsletter contain and any other ‘incentives’ you might feature. Try holding back one big learning point and on the course tell them that an absolute mystery top tip will be in the newsletter. If the newsletter is a regular piece not linked to a particular programme, then make sure there is nothing that would trigger it to be sifted out by a spam filter.

    Best of luck


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