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training for managers on performance appraisals


A new appraisal system will be bought in to my company. I need some ideas on what I need to deliver training wise to enable managers to go through a productive appraisal with their staff.
What should the training include? Do you know of any useful sites? Have you delivered training to managers on giving appraisals - if so, what sort of things did you include?

My mail address is
Lisa Birch

12 Responses

  1. Appraisal Training to get managers thinking!
    I was in a similar situation myself at the end of last year and designed an interactive workshop from the angle of “why many appraisals fail to achieve what they set out to”. It got participants to look at approaches and subtle behaviours, on the part of the manager, that impact negatively on appraisals. Feel free to call me on 07957 472279.

  2. Appraisal trng content
    I have delivered “Delivery of Performance Management” training for managers upwards. My course covers the whole cycle of PM from writing job decriptions, what competencies are, setting objectives, reviewing/analysing T&D requirements to follow up and progress monitoring. I also include coaching, feedback, listening skills. I use “Mandy” (a new secretary) as the subject and all the exercises are designed around her. We build her a JD, identify the competencies, write objectives, ID T&D for her. The course finishes with role play reviews including delivering constructive feedback on a performance issue, agreeing new objectives and identifying T&D using the skills learnt. I then have a break of a month or so to enable theory to be put into practice and we have a ½ day re-visit to pick up on the arising issues identified via a questionnaire and 1:1 discussion. Contact me for further info/copy slides/script.

  3. Yes Please…
    Jo Unwin – can I have your mail address or contact number please? Or alternatively, can you send me some stuff on performance appraisals please? Anything you’ve got would be great.


  4. Great little book
    I bought a few copies of a small, easy to read book which gets the points over if you don’t have time to run anything formal. It’s obtainable at all bookshops as part of “The Perfect….” series and is of ocurse, called “The Perfect Appraisal” The ISBN of 0-09-940626-8

  5. Back to basics….
    Over the last couple of years working with various levels of managers involved in managing the performance of their teams I’m convinced of the benefits of getting the basics right –
    * accurate, timely, specific feedback
    * regular 2-way review/updates (1:1’s)
    * full involvement of the team member

    Performance appraisal then simple becomes a summary stage – no surprises for anyone. Happy to share my experiences with you if anything I’ve said strikes a chord!

    Conall, Working Psychology

  6. Stress the value to the manager
    In the organisation where I used to work, managers were so “bottom line” driven that we appealed to their pockets when it came to selling the benefits of good appraisals. If they didn’t see a tangible benefit to them from doing the work then we would never have achived the improved quality of performance appraisal we sought. We had quite high staff turnover and so as part of the training we demonstrated the links between poorly appraised and managed staff and their likelihood of leaving. We then calculated the direct costs of staff turnover and made an educated guess at the less tangible costs. I think most managers got the message that it was after all a worthwhile use of their time. Another “carrot” might be to integrate performance appraisal and your company’s reward system. ie a manager who was seen to be good at managing their staff including the all important appraisals would get some sort of bonus. Difficult I know but worth considering.

  7. Ever thought of using wine?
    I ran an exercise for a client running a two-day programme on Staff appraisal / assesment that used a wine tasting to show the importance of using a objective, attribute based language for assesments. Delegates were given a glass of wine and asked to describe it, lots of subjective views given. We then “learnt” to describe wine in an objective way, and they then described the wine again. The two results were compared……..
    e-mail or call me on 01690 710968 if interested!
    Simon Awdry

  8. Appraisal Training
    I arranged training for all staff last year to improve on our appraisal process. We used an excellent trainer for this and have used her since for various ad hoc in house training. If you would like her contact details contact me on

  9. Appraisals, brilliant if right…Disaster if wrong!
    Hi Lisa,
    I have just finished delivering a newly designed scheme today, and it really depends on what the scheme includes…does it clearly link to the job profiles, is it only objective based, does it include competencies, career plans etc. Having developed schemes for organisations such as Boots I recognise that it has to be right all the way through, so what info is being given to the appraisee?
    If you would like to have an informal chat please feel free to contact me on 07968 242061 or email Alternatively you could contact Anton Lavery a client via emailing:
    I am sure he would not mind telling you about us….I hope!

  10. Appraisal training
    Hi Lisa,

    I ran some interactive training on this subject last year which followed the following structure. I would happy to provide more information if you wish to contact me

    Learning Objectives
    1. For appraisers to complete accurate, well written appraisals for their employees following the process & timeframes dictated by the global Performance Framework
    2. For appraisers to hold effective Performance Review discussions with their employees that leave employees feeling positive, fairly treated & with a clear idea of their achievements, strengths & areas for improvement.

    1. Intro & Icebreaker – 20 mins
    2. Your role in the Performance Framework – 30 mins
    3. Writing the appraisal – 1 hour 10 mins (incl. 15 min break)
    4. Holding the Review Discussion – 1 hour 50 mins
    5. Wrap up (unanswered questions, next steps, key timings) – 10 mins

  11. Staff Appraisal Training

    Hi Lisa

    Live And Learn Consultancy provided a one day Appraisal Training Course for a range of Managers and Team Leaders in London.

    The course objectives outline included ;

    –  Preparing For An Appraisal
    –  The Appraisal Meeting
    –  Creating A Successful Staff Progression Plan




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