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Training Future Managers


We have a well structured Management Development Program for new managers, but one gap we have is training to commence building the bridge for those who will become managers in the not too distant future.
What are others doing for this group? and what recommendations could you make to get us started?
Ken Cox

4 Responses

  1. followership?
    You may like to consider the importance of “followership”.

    If “Leadership” is defined as the “Relationship between those who choose to lead and those who choose to follow”, then “followership” becomes a valuable subject for all those who are not presently leaders; including those who may soon be.

    If you are not familiar with the term there is a very useful primer at
    I hope this helps

    PS I’ve just seen Sue’s comment above and I have to say I agree; if you train your potential managers BEFORE they are promoted to the role not only will you get all the advantages Sue mentions, but you will also save them from getting into the role and developing “bad habits” or making a C**k up (OK you can’t guarantee the latter but you will reduce the chance!)before they are “qualified” for the role.

    Many years ago I wore a green suit and carried a gun, the policy there was that everyone was trained to carry out the role of the manager 2 above them. Hopefully you don’t have the same potential staff turnover but the policy still holds good!

  2. Why wait?
    Hi Ken

    A question first – why wait to train new managers (unless they are newly recruited)? I don’t know what is in the programme you have for new managers but my suggestion would be to put potential managers through the same or a similar programme, with opportunity between modules to put their new skills into practice, either through project work or assignments. This would also help identify those who may not be suitable or would need some extra help. You could also look at secondments or work shadowing which would have the added benefit of giving the potential managers some first hand experience of what the job is really like.

    Contact me via my profile if you would like to talk more


  3. Succession Planning
    Succession planning is a vital part of any Company. The way we carry out Management Training is modules. Have 1-2 modules a month at a set time/place (modules being, interview training, appraisal training, disciplinary training etc) – break down the full management skills into parts. The delegates get a certificate for each part and once completed they receive a Company Management certificate. Their skills have to be renewed every 2-3 years. If you have set courses each month people can book themself on to it.

  4. Working on Training for potential Managers

    I am working on a development programme for potential Managers. Any ideas are very much appreciated.


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