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Training Induction


Our company provides training solutions to corporate executives in India. My job includes conducting new hire (the staff who markets our training products and services) training programs for our internal employees. Usually, I have about one day to complete this process. When training these MBA graduates, who have no experience in training, I include general business and social ettiquette, introduction to the training industry (reference to sites like, Cite Hr, etc), registering their email addresses with various training sites like TrainingZone, Trainingindustry,twitter business, LinkedIn), database of trainers, product&Services, description of each of them, and last our company website address. I research on any new technology and provide support whenever they have any questions from the clients.

Is there anything else that I could add to the course to orientate them(any other website or repository,etc)?



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  1. TV Trainers
    Hi Sareeta

    I would encourage them to watch the following and write a short essay on what they think is good about the presentation style and why…

    Al Gore – Inconvenient Truth

    Antiques Experts – Antiques Roadshow

    Jamie Oliver – Jamie Does…(Europe)

    All are (in my opinion) excellent examples of Enthusiasm, Knowledge and Commitment to their subjects and if I was a delegate I would love to have any of them as my Trainer.

    Depending on the delegates and situation you have, you could also ask them to search the media for 3 examples of their own. TV is littered with amazing communicators so they can learn every time they watch anything.



  2. it rather depends what they are marketing and/or selling

    Hi Sareeta

    if they have a great education but no experience (or indepth understanding) of things such as the training cycle, TNA, lifelong learning etc then this mioght be very usefule stuff for them to have….but

    it also depends on what your business sells…….

    if you sell a commodity type of "product", ie off-the-shelf training packages then they may have little need for an understanding of needs analysis or instructional design, whereas

    if they are selling a bespoke servcoe to create learning interventions for your clients……they really need this stuff

    I hope this helps a bit


  3. bespoke service to create learning interventions

    Hi Steve and Rus,

    Thanks for replying to my question.

    Steve, your activity sounds great! I haven’t watched all the videos/movies that you have spoken about, but that’s the first thing I will do tonight. I think, I will include this as a part of their post training assignment. Is there any website that they could use with reference to my company’s USP ( If you could go through the website and suggest any alternative resource to guide them, it’ll be great. Thanks again.

    Rus, yes, it is the latter one that I had referred to earlier (bespoke service to create learning interventions). These trainees have a University degree in marketing but know nothing about training, hence an orientation about TNA, Measurement of training, etc is what I need to take them through. If you have any experience with something like this or can think of any more ideas that I could use, would you be able to share it? Thanks.







  4. Training



    Hi Sareeta

    I think I might be missing something??

    Your company offers "world class training solutions" but the people you employ to deliver this have only 1 day to learn how to be a Trainer?

    I’m a bit confused what the outcome for the delegates will be?

    1) What do you want the delegates to be able to do when you have finished with them?

    2) How do you intend to deliver No 1?    ie…time, location, size of group etc etc

    BBC i Player is a great source of info with so many uses I’m not even going to try and list them…

    I think a bespoke Train The Trainer is the answer but not quite sure what the question is??


    Good luck








  5. They market our training intervention to the client

    Thanks Steve.

    This is great information.

    The marketing staff (that I have to train in a day and coach for a month) DOES NOT train. They talk about the techniques involved in training, market our trainers, do business development, etc.

    You have given me the solution.

    (Excuse my ignorance about the current Job Description for the marketing and BD staff, in the UK) the trainers themselves have to talk about their training to market various training interventions to the clients. However, we have a different team that does the marketing of training services.

    Hope I have been able to answer your question. I will use iBBC. Could0 I please write to your personal id in case I have any questions on using iBBC?





  6. TV
    Hi Sareeta

    Much clearer now…thank you!

    I’m not 100% sure but I think BBC iplayer is only available in the UK and I am guessing you are based in India?

    TV, film, radio and advertising are fantastic resources that all trainers and could use to improve their communication skills.

    Next time you are watching or listening to some media and are interested and engaged…ask yourself “why, what just happened?” and
    then copy the techniques into your own world. If you encourage your mentees or delegates to do this they will learn all day every day without realising it! Comminication Skills are only part of being a Trainer if you get that bit right the rest will surely follow?

    Good luck


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