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Training materials – toy notes


Am training and need physical representation of money in order to aid learning. Any ideas for suppliers of 'toy money/currency' preferably British supplier and UK currency.

Thanks ever so
Juliet LeFevre

8 Responses

  1. toy money
    Have you tried:
    ELC (early learning centres)
    Toys R us
    or other large toy shops

    I know they (used to) do packs of notes and coins for use in play ‘shops’

    Failing that go round the carboot sales and buy up old monopoly games.


  2. Toy Money
    I used to deliver a counter simulation programme for a well known high street bank and we used to use ‘real money’. I say real money, it was actually made by the same company that make money for the Bank of England. This meant that it was the same size and weight as normal notes which was great. My apologies but I can’t remember the name of the company so try the Bank of England. For the coins we used ELC money which wasn’t great but better than nothing.
    Hope this helps,

  3. Theatrical props may be worth considering
    Hi Juliet

    Replicas of UK currency are very difficult to obtain because Bank of England permission is required by anyone wishing to produce replicas.

    One possible source is suppliers of props for TV, stage and film productions. For example, do a search for fake money at Studio and TV Hire at; they have replica £50 notes available for hire, but no mention of replica coins. They may be able to supply notes of other denominations, and coins, or know of someone who can. The props are for hire; I don’t know whether they are prepared to sell props.

    I understand that replica money is used in some prison training involving cash handling as regulations forbid prisoners to handle money in that situation. If someone in the prison service reads this they may know of a source for replica money.

  4. Understood
    Thanks for your contributions.
    I am aware it is illegal to counterfeit sterling however I am looking for some reference to UK money as opposed to other currencies which are easier to come by. Am not looking for an exact facsimile of theatrical nature just something that is better than a photocopied sheet of dollars and something more serious than some kiddy play toy.

    There are indeed some suppliers eg.
    however the quantities are very low and the designs rather childlike.

    It seems training suppliers dont do this item.
    Any more online sources greatly received.

  5. Make your own??
    Hi Juliet,
    I once ran a incentive scheme where we gave away Positive Contact Pounds (PC was name of co) for prizes. I designed the notes to have company logo instead of BofE, the co directors sigs instaed of BofE sig,and faces of company directors, Managers etc instead of The Queen – i.e 50PCP was co dir, 20pcp Manager, 10pcp team leader, 5pcp was coach. We didn’t have coins but how about poker chips – diff colours for diff amounts??

    good luck, Lynnette

  6. Outcome
    Just to let you know I bought some ‘Monopoly money’ from ebay. £3 + postage.


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