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Training on Coaching 1:1


I have been asked to do some coaching training with a Board member as she has never had any traiing and manages a team of 10 people. She needs something quickly and so I will be delviering this 1:1 Any ideas on how to make this engaging and get some practice in given that I will be the only 'subject' to be coached?

Many thanks


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  1. Coach and feedback

    Hi Jo,

    I would think actually doing coaching sessions with reviews would be one way to do this.

    Coaching models / processes could be fed into the day as required.


  2. Great opportunity

    Hi Jo

    What a great opportunity. This is really an Executive Coaching session rather than a training session since you will be doing this 1 to 1. My suggestions:

    1. I would recommend you cover off the basics of coaching with your client – the do’s and don’ts. Ping me if you want some material but I am sure you have your own material on coaching, giving feedback etc.

    2. Ask your client to complete a DiSC ( or MBTI survey to help them understand their preferred style of working/communicating/leading. This step is important since it will impact on their coaching style. (As an aside why not suggest that your client carry out a DiSC session with all their team and then your client will gain an understanding of the individuals in their team and how they operate/communicate/want to be managed. For $40 per person it is money well spent – better than some offsite teambuild).

    3. Agree a communication approach with your client which they are comfortable with to help them communicate their management style with the rest of their team. e.g. 1 to 1 session with each of their direct reports, e.g. conduct a New Manager Assimilation with the whole team (

    4. You then sit with the client and get them to identify the coaching and development needs of each of their direct reports. If your client is struggling then give them a list of generic management competences and asking them to pick out the 3 strongest and 3 weakest competences for each of their direct reports. I am sure the company will have its own set of competences but if not, then you can download any number of competences from the web.

    5. If the board member is new to the team and they are stuggling to identify the development needs of their direct reports then they should go back to review the previous year’s annual appraisals. Note – if your client is relying on someone else’s review of their direct report as their data source it would always be wise for your client to begin the 1 to 1 coaching discussions by verifying with the direct report that the development needs identified in last year’s appraisal were, indeed, the correct ones.

    6. Your job would then be to role play the different coaching discussions the board member would have with each of their reports.

    If you wanted to read up some more on Executive Coaching then I recommend "Coaching for Leadership" by Marshall Goldsmith & Laurence S Lyons



  3. Coaching Training with Board member

    I suggest you ask her to profile her 10 team members in terms of strengths & areas for development. This will be a good exercise in itself. Then you can role play each one of them in turn, maybe asking her to prioritise which is most important to coach. Let her talk for a bit – I bet she talks about the negative stuff. Focus her on the positive and make sure she realises that the main benefit of coaching will be talent development.  In between sessions you can go and talk to the team under some pretext to get a feel for their energy so you can be a ‘better’ subject. Also I would recommend you video at least one of the sessions. Don’t run the video too long – run it for 10 mins and then debrief it for 10, reset objectives and run it again.

    Cheers, John Farrer

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