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Training on Inbound Sales


I am working with an inbound sales team approx 30 people to train them to increase the number of lines on each customer order (which will increase earnings) they are typically young people - under 21 and part time workers, there is a lot of resistance and lack of enthusiasm/self belief. Has anyone any ideas on sessions - material which may help with an initial quick fix??? I keep find myself telling rather than training.
Michelle Roberts

4 Responses

  1. Telesales
    hi Michelle
    have you found out from a cross-mix of the 30 people, why they feel so de-motivated, what causes their lack of enthusiasm. Is it their targets, types of customers, systems etc.. by trying to pin-point these triggers and at least investigating them to see if and how any of them can be resolved, looked at etc.., you may gain more buy-in and trust from the team, thus making your sessions a little easier to run. Alternatively get them more involved in the training, role-plays run by them, exercises devised by them for each other etc.. Sounds like you need to life motivational levels and find what their switches are to ‘tune them in’.

  2. Some ideas to consider
    Hi Michelle,

    Not always an easy one this sort of challenge! I once had to train some 40+ yr old sales reps on how to use a laptop and convince them it would make their job easier!

    Maybe consider:
    Play to their young, mercenary spirits and play on the idea of “how to earn more money”

    Involve them in the planning, say you want to know their ideas [because you should anyway!]

    Find out if there is an older, more established member of the team that has their respect. Then use them too.

    I think the solutrion is proibably more about method rather than materials.

    Hope this helps.

    Steve Roberts

  3. Motivating In-bound sales
    Hi Michelle!

    I think you had some good responses already?

    You seem to be recruiting amongst a particularly young age group and, as a father of several in your age band, I sympathise very readily with your dilemma!

    The issue is their motivation, I think? I suspect this can be very varied at this age group. Most may just want the money, somewhat fewer a feeling of the job well done and belonging, for the moment, and even fewer perhaps, the opportunty for longer-term progression.

    There are lots of ways of determining these motivations before you recruit, outside my own skills but well within those of some of my colleagues who are Ocupational Psychologists for whom this may be meat and drink…

    Do contact me off-line if you would like to discuss this with one of them, without obligation?

    (For my part, I despair! My two youngest daughters, 17 and 20, both very able, declared this week they had no interest in their holiday jobs in supporting their various employers. But both said they had never been asked to, either… Is that a clue??)

    Much more off-line if you wish!


  4. Building Powerful Teams
    Hi Michelle – Firstly, take heart – this is a common problem with some great solutions and secondly I agree with Jeremy’s comments. My experience in these situations usually lead me to asking the question – ‘Do the ‘Management’ and the Sales Team share the same vision?’ – i.e. is it an ‘us’ and ‘them’ situation. The most effective way of increasing efficiencies is to make sure that your Team know WHY they are being asked to increase the line fill – has the main reason ever been communicated? Previously I have created self-financing incentive schemes for Teams is they achieve an increase in line fill rate of x% – a night at the bowling alley or carting or pizza (doesn’t have to be expensive) – but it adds an incentive for the Team to achieve the Management’s goals. It also contributes to teamwork and increased morale in that ALL of your team are working on a common goal. The evening out also helps to build teamwork! If you’re looking for a motivational Customer Service video – take a look at FISH! -VERY funny and motivational. Take a look at under the Customer Service Excellence Tab and if you require any further information on the Inbound Sales Workshops that I offer,please contact me.


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