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Training room equipment


Hi all,

I am in a very privileged position in that I am having a training room created within our company.  It will be a small room accommodating a maximum of 6 participants and will be used predominantly for IT based training.

I have been asked to give a list of my requirements to furnish this room and am looking for ideas. I do know what standard equipment I could ask for but I am looking for modern futuristic ideas.

Things that would give a good lively ambience,  or perhaps Eco balls would be a good idea instead of chairs etc.

Top of my list would be a tactile screen instead of a projector, perhaps there is something that could help me to maximise this during training.

Hopefully you get the idea, any suggestions would be welcome.



6 Responses

  1. Opaque windows

    Not sure of the formal name for this but saw a training room at a large Financial Services Company where they could have the windows either clear to let in light but could be switched to opaque if they were in exam conditions; it amazed me and I thought it was a good idea.

    Alternatively, if the room is not somwhere with much natural light another idea that worked well was to have a blue sky and clouds painted on the walls and (even though I was sceptical about it), it did create a better atmosphere.

    If it's an I.T. training room why not have tablets rather than PC's or lap tops that will create much more space for you and you can be more mobile with what you are doing rather than the static nature of most I.T. training rooms.

    The only other thing I can think of right now is to have a wall with a magnetsied covering so that if you want to put up flipcharts you can do it easily with magnets.

    Hope that helps.

  2. if it is IT BASED training…..

    then there is no need for people to be sitting either in rows all facing the same way or around a single table or around tables round the walls…..this gives you some interesting options for the layout depending on your definition of "small".


  3. Hello Clive,

    Hello Clive,

    there's good ideas there and in fact we will be having docking stations so participants can bring laptops, the lighting is also interesting and has triggered some ideas.




  4. Interesting thoughts on table

    Interesting thoughts on table positioning Rus, I like it but as I will be using a screen and PPT for demonstrations I wonder about the ergonomics of it all. I wouldn't want people leaving with bad backs or stiff necks, unless of course there are swivel tables out in the market place?


  5. Other thoughts

    Hi Caz, just a thought could you not get wifi so that people didn't have to be so static and lighten the need for docking stations? 

    Also, not necessarily about the room but it might be an idea to get a social media outlet wher you could post short video demonstrating the I.T. skills where the learners, could comment, ask questions; like or dislike content for example and keep the learning going post course.

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Caroline Eason

ICT Consultant/Trainer

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