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James Docherty

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Training Supplier – Time Management / Productivity / Self Management


Hi all

I'm currently looking for a training supplier who specialises in time management (with a bit extra involved).

We would like to equip individuals with skills to say 'Here's your new role, this is what's expected of you, here are your deliverables' and then the course helps them with getting on to do it.

The 'what' they need to do will vary person to person (they are all in different roles, projects, sales etc) however we are hoping this course will support them with 'how' by introducing a framework and providing a suite of practical tools and resources to be able to manage themselves, their time, resources etc to deliver what they have to deliver. They are not people managers, all individual contributors and are in fairly senior roles.

We intend to avoid using training suppliers who have a large suite of courses that they run covering a variety of topics - we are trying to find someone who really specialises in this stuff and will be seen as an 'expert' in this matter, rather than a trainer who can stand up and deliver anything.

Do you know of anyone you could recommend?

5 Responses

  1. Time Management Training
    Hi James. My company specialises in the training you’re looking for. We tailor courses to client requirements, based on 5 core areas: Time Bias; Motivation; Planning; Execution and Reflection. All backed up by evidence based research. Have a look at and see what you think.

  2. Time management training

    Hi there

    You say you are looking for a specialist in time management plus the tools to respond to 'Here's your new role, this is what's expected of you, here are your deliverables'.

    Do you want a supplier that is experienced in making people more effective at work?

    Time management is the tip of that iceberg. 

    You can find shortform information on

    If you search the TrainingZone for Stephen Walker you can see the range of my interests.

    Kind regards


  3. Sounds very bespoke

    I wonder if you have considered getting a bespoke course designed for you? If it is to be run many times then its definitely worth the investment. It means that you have total control over the content and everything is linked directly to your business. A friend of mine specialises in bespoke training design, so it may be worth considering this option. Check out for more info.

    Louise Gelsthorpe

    Power Hour – Bite size training materials

  4. Time Management 2.0

    Hi James,

    I can't tell from your description whether or not we'd be the right firm for you to look at, but we might offer something of interest.

    We try to tell the truth about time management (e.g. it's actually all about self management.)

    1. Working professionals have each developed a unique, self-created system of their own by the time they reach their teens / early 20's.

    2. They'll only look for something different on their own when they hit a life hurdle that causes an increase in the demands on their time e.g. a new baby or a promotion.

    3. By then, they'll have no clue how to repeat the trick described in point #1 – they don't know what they have created, or how they put it together. They are stuck… not knowing how to effect another upgrade.

    4. With help, they can learn how to analyze and appreciate their current system, as the basis for improvement. Once they see the habits, practices and rituals they have used for years, they can come up with their own improvements.

    5. These improvements can't be implemented all at once, even if they are obvious. It takes time and support to change habits; but they can move more quickly with quality support from their boss, spouse, colleagues, coach, etc. Most people fail at this point because they dramatically under-estimate what it takes to make change happen to their time management system after years or decades of practicing their current methods.

    Our approach is about truth telling, and it helps our clients confront the reality they must deal with every day.

    Our research website, reports and other resources on Time Management 2.0 at 2Time Labs

    My new book – Bill's Im-Perfect Time Management Adventure available on

    We offer a framework for learning, plus a number of forms, diagnostic quizzes, teaching videos, access to our research library, plus more. Our interest is in empowering our learners to do upgrades… time management upgrades. Not just once, but over and over again for the rest of their careers whenever a gap opens up between the capacity of their current system and the volume of time demands they must deal with in order to maintain their peace of mind.

    In other words, we advocate against one-size-fits-all approaches of all kinds, even as we aim to teach our trainees the principles of designing ever-improving time management systems.

    I hope this helps,



  5. Training for individual contributors

    Not sure if I'm the right firm for you, but worth seeing for yourself at my site:

    Not all about strategies, tactics and tools alone…but about mindset and behavior.



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James Docherty

L&D & Engagement Manager

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