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Training Trauma, Training Triumph


Training is a bit like drinking a vat of coffee and eating an elephant’s weight in sweets – the high is a buzz of frenzied energy, but the comedown can be enough to have you curled in a ball crying at the sight of sugar. From cyber milk to left handed heroes, it’s been another exciting week in training, so join us as we recall the highs and lows of the past five days.


  • For left handed career heroes
    They may look ridiculous trying to use scissors, but left handed men can have the last laugh as they earn £52,000 more over their lifetime than those scissor-savvy righties. The research from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (IFS) has a nation of left handed male employees punching the air with glee – shame they nearly cut their hand off doing it. Well, if you can’t use scissors…
  • For cyber milk
    The great fight against rickets is going online as milkmen try to tackle declining delivery demands by offering their services over the internet. They won’t post a cow to you, they simply give a moo in the right direction of the nearest doorstep delivery service. This seems to defeat the point of saving your legs from rickets if you’re never going to actually use them.
  • For happy ears
    If you’ve ever suspected you took a wrong turn on the way to work and ended up at the local zoo, the government feels your pain. With all that racket it may be cruel to tell you to listen up, but as of April 6 employers must comply with tougher new regulations on controlling workplace noise levels. As around one million UK workers are exposed to a din that could risk their hearing, the new laws will make firms provide protection for those precious ears. Now you only have to look at the monkeys.

  • Trauma:

  • For clock changing chaos
    Research shows that messing with time has disastrous consequences for our personal safety and the country’s economic stability – and no, I’m not just grumpy because they made me get out of bed an hour earlier. Road traffic accidents increase in the days after the clocks go forward, Loughborough University says. That’s not the only crash - the stock market also has a habit of falling when the clocks go forward, according to Investor Here are two good reasons to stay in bed, whatever the clock says.
  • For things that go bump in the night
    It’s not just vampires and that monster under your bed that come out at night - criminals get busy when the lights go out too, the BBC reports. Studies show that more crime is committed in the late afternoon and evening than during daylight hours (who would have thought?!). Offences occurring in semi-darkness are far more likely to occur at dusk rather than dawn, suggesting that lighter evenings cut criminal activity more than lighter mornings. There is a purpose to turning the clocks forwards after all - crime falls because Britain’s crooks are too lazy to get out of bed before lunch.

  • Do you have any traumatic or triumphant training news? Post your comments below.


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