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Transactional Analysis & Customer Care


I am tasked with designing and delivering a customer care programme on three levels. Introductory, which is very easy, intermediate which looks at how assertive behaviour can influence conflict situations and an advanced module which the unit manager would like to include some aspect of transactional analysis. I know a bit about the topic but only at an accademic level. What I need is some hints and tips on how to build an interactive session incorporating the theory but related to customer care. The group work in insurance and come across considerable conflict with customers who'se claims they have rejected. Any help would be welcomed.
Iain Reynolds

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  1. TA & Customer Care
    Here are three quick options:
    1. Ask for two or three real life examples of conflict/crossed wires, then cover the Ego States model, then get them to re-explain what was going on in the real life examples in transactional terms.
    2. Explain the OK Coral then label the four areas on the floor. Present the group with a customer situation and ask them in turn to stand in one of the four boxes and to deal with situation from that state/perspective.
    3. Do the constructive rectangle and then get them to go away in small groups to prepare an illustrative reinactment of how a typical scenario would work if you: a) stay outside the rectangle; then, b) stay within the rectangle.
    There are loads of options, I hope these few spark some more.
    Hope it goes well.

  2. This is topical…
    We’ve just done something very similar recently with one of our clients – also a call centre within the insurance industry – preparing themselves for dealing with difficult customers following the new requirements for how pension values are reported.

    If you drop me an email I’ll be happy to outline the programme we put together for them.

    Kind regards,

    Colin Hamilton
    email: [email protected]

  3. TA and customer care

    Similar to Graham O’Connell’s reply: I use the issue of leaving the toilet seat up or down in a household, it is amusing though strikes a cord as it is a real issue in many households! If the course is more than one day, ask the participants who may have this issue to resolve to try using TA to solve it and the following day aske them how they got on….I have had amazing results!!

    Good luck!

  4. T.A.

    If you let me have your e-mail I can send you some stuff that you might find helpful about T.A.



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