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trouble accessing Trainingzone at times?


Every now and again I have trouble logging in to trainingzone. when I log in the system accepts my data and then as soon as I click on a thread it "kick's" me out again.

I have spoken to the help line & they have not come up with any solutions - except that it appears thet I had 2 logins.

I have asked colleagues on trainerbase about this (could not ask here as I could not get access!) and this appears not to be uncommon.

Do others here also have access problems occasionally?

Mike Morrison

10 Responses

  1. Not really
    Hi Mike,

    I’ve never had a problem logging in – apart from the fact that I forget every now and again that I capitalised my user name.

    I though I’d respond though to try and help build a “sample” of those without problems so if others are experiencing issues a ratio for comparison can be given.

    I’m running XP with the latest IE client installed.

  2. Cookie monster
    I had this problem in the past when I also had two logons.
    (TZ take note – your system is complex to join – hence we mistakenly got two logons). I think the solution was to delete my cookies (perhaps they were conflicting) and then just use one of the logons.

    Sorry I’m not a techie.

  3. Me too !
    I thought it was me and my overzealous firewalls, but it’s less predictable than that and can happen even if I drop my security levels to minimum. I’m at the point of not using TZ ‘cos I can’t contribute. Doesn’t happen to me with HR Zone in the same session with the same browsers (Firefox or IE6). I’m only using 1 logon.

  4. accessing TZ
    Peter I also have no problems with HRzone in the same session as TZ but the team here insist the platforms are the same?

  5. Thank you for your comments
    They have been passed on to our technical/production department.

  6. Hmmm
    Started getting the same problem intermittently now on HRZone with no change in my firewall settings. A workaround for me there is to look up the link’s properties and cut and paste them into the URL field. That seems to bypass the validation. This doesn’t seem to work for TZ though, so I’m not convinced the platforms are identical. I still think that it’s a service issue as the ‘please log in’ screen’ shows my username already on the top RHS.

  7. Dead endsville
    >>>They have been passed on to our technical/production department. >>>

    and the technical dept havent responded, acknowledged, updated, advised, speculated…

    Still I suppose one must expect this kind of customer service when one is paying absolutely nothing for the service.
    Why are techies always the worst at keeping users in the loop? This could end up end up being a PR disaster.

  8. still no reply
    I guess if they have not experienced the problem it does not exist!
    I have even offerd a ‘screen share’ to show the tech people but the offer was deemed un necessary.

    Interesting Peter that you are now getting this with HRzone – not had that one myself yet!

    Yes what is frustrating is when on the RHS it clearly has me logged in but then feels it needs to ask who I am again! ūüôā

  9. More detail
    My cut and paste technique (qv) works sometimes for TZ too. Like right now. However, when I first logged on this morning, I had no problems, and I have not changed any browser or firewall settings.

  10. update??
    We have not heard from the tech people here but I have had an interesting experience… I have changed my internet security package and no longer get the problem. I would love to know what the site does (intermittantly) that upsets a firewall?



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