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I am looking at creating a page on our intranet based on trust - any hints, tips, or suggestions that would make it interesting for staff and line managers please?  Thank you

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  1. Unsure about your request

    Hi Anna, I’m not sure I understand the objective to your page.  Are you looking for stories which demonstrate examples of positive events based on trust or what can happen with a lack of trust, or what trust looks like?  Or something else?  What sort of message are you trying to convey?  🙂

  2. Trust

    Hi Clare

    Thank you

    It is not so much stories but a toolkit that I am trying to create to provide access to staff and managers on the subject of trust.  I’ve lots of articles, stories, et al, but it would be great if anyone knew of any tests, assessments, inventories etc., for either an individual to take or for a team to use to identify trust levels or climates of trust as well as any exercises that an individual/team could apply in the workplace.

    Anything really that would assist in creating an interesting and useful Intranet page to feature the current ‘hot topic’ of trust.

    Sorry for not being clear!

  3. can you throw it open to them?

    A trusts B but C doesn’t; what is it about A that makes him/her trust B? What is it about C that makes them not trust B?

    or is it about B; what does B do that makes A trust him/her, but makes C distrust B?

    Is it what B is…..or what they have done to A&C in the past, or about the past experience of A&C that didn’t include B? 

    there are many reasons why we trust an individual or a type, and why we don’t.  Why not throw it open tothe readers fo the intranet; this will be more realistic and interactive.


  4. Trust

    Thanks Rus,

    It would be great if this were possible but the web page is very much one way and does not allow for a question and response facility.

    Having researched the Net over and over, there appears a distinct gap in trust related tools, inventories, exercises, etc!



  5. could you do a “little survey”….

    …in house of say, five questions?


    1. How important is it that you trust your manager? (score 1-5)

    2. How important is it that your manager trusts you? (score 1-5)

    3. What can your manager do today to increase the trust you have in him/her? (free field with a maximum of 10 words)

    4. What can you do today to increase the trust your manager has in you? (free field with a maximum of 10 words)

    5. What could the CEO do today to increase the trust you and your colleagues have in him/her? (free field with a maximum of 10 words)

    This could be done by a free electronic survey facility to make it quick and easy.

    That would then provide you with the raw data to create some potentially compelling copy for the intranet.


  6. The Speed of Trust

    Hi Anna,

    You could try reading Stephen M.R. Covey’s book "The Speed of Trust".

    He details the 4 cores of credibility and the 13 behaviours of trust, with many examples, quotes and some simple activities which could be described on your website.


  7. Trust

    Rus, thank you – yes, using Survey Monkey could help support this and provide a indicator bar summary on all responses.  Excellent idea – much appreciated.

  8. TRUST – Lencioni?

    I have alwasy liked the Lencioni model of building trust within a team. I have a one page summary so if you would liek a copy send me a e-mail – [email protected]


    Cheers, Nick.

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