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Values list or questionnaire


Does anyone have a list of questionnaire which addresses the issue of helping a person define their values - it is for me to use a a basis for part of some diagnistics i am developing for mentors and mentees?

Richard Hale
Specialist in Management Development & Author

[email protected]


Richard Hale

6 Responses

  1. Values Clarification
    This is a brilliant book on the subject of identifying and working with values. My copy is dated 1978, so whether you can still track it down might be a problem, but it’s definitely worth the effort.

    ‘Values Clarification: A handbook of practical strategies for teachers and students’ b Sidney Simon, Leland Howe and Howard Kirschenbaum, published by A & W Visual Library, New York, 1972 and 1978.

  2. Simple work-values questionnaire
    I have a 24 question work values questionnaire that looks at need for such things as advancement, social, economic, creative, supportive and others.
    It isn’t in electronic form, I’d have to post it. If you are interested, send me an email.

  3. Peter Honey Publications
    Peter Honey Publications have a book out called; Explore Yuor Values’ which has a system for helping groups explore their values, its works, I’ve used it and would recommend it.

    The areas it covers are;

    Attitudes and Behaviour
    Continuous Improvement
    Creating a learning organisation
    Feeling & Emotions
    Leading & Managing
    Learning & Development
    Responsibility & Accountability
    Strategic thinking and planning

    The Honey web iste address is:

  4. Not Values
    Peter Honey’s book/material is NOT actually concerned with values in the true sense of the word.

    Values are ‘ends in themselves’. eg caring, achievement, contribution, service, etc….

    I do know of a Mapping Mindsets diagnostic that is specifically designed to generate a values based profile, both ‘personal’ and ‘business’ related.

    Alan Clayton

  5. Peter Honey Publications
    I disagree with Alan Claytons comments that;

    ‘Peter Honey’s book/material is NOT actually concerned with values in the true sense of the word’.

    This book does help look at values. I think that most trainers who wanted to explore values and beliefs would find the literature to which I was referring extremely useful and totally relevant. Consequently I would still urge anyone interested in pursuing this line of research to look at this publication. I believe it will help.

    I would contend that Mr Clayton’s view is rather more pedantic than pragmatic.

  6. values v behaviours
    Having seen the Honey materials on values and seeing things both as a practitioner and from an academic perspective (as my question originally came out of my doctoral research on mentoring relationships), and with a diplomatic hat on – I can see both perspectives of Alan and Garry.

    It does not address solely core values and beliefs (which is actually what I was after) – I was interested in looking at identifying the few core values that inform beliefs and attitudes as an emerging finding from my research is that mentors matched with mentees where there is a conflict in this area end up in failing relatonships.

    Peter Honey’s toolkit is thought provoking and useful from a practitioner perspective in addressing a whole range of issues in addition/merged in with values related items – e.g. behaviour (not surprisingly given his strong behavioural background). (Hope he doesn’t mind us writing about him like this).

    Anyway I was given a useful reference of someone called Rockeach who has written some seminal stuff on values – trouble is it is out of print – so anyone who knows where I can get copies let me know. I know there is a copy at Bristol Uni.

    Hope this helps.

    Richard Hale
    Specialist in Management Development & Author

    [email protected]



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