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Vox Pop: Training: How Do You Keep the Flame Burning?


It's Valentine's day and love is in the air, but what special something makes TrainingZONE members stay loved up with their jobs? Sarah Fletcher asks how they keep their passion for training alive.

Rich Lucas
What I love most: "I guess it's the adrenalin rush I get when presenting, having a participating group. Having people contact me to say that it made a difference to them, most of all though, if I'm honest, I just like showing off!"

How I keep my passion for training alive: "By networking, keeping in touch with new developments and working on a reciprocal notion that the energy and power put in to a session or a meeting will be what I get out."

Eddie Newall
What I love most: "Seeing trainees realise the value of what they have learned during training to themselves and their work, and seeing their managers realise that employee training makes a positive difference in the workplace."

How I keep my passion for training alive: "Looking for, and finding, areas where the training process can be improved - there is no such thing as perfection, everything is capable of being improved."

Rus Slater
What I love most: "I get to be based at home so I can walk the dog, see the kids and my wife and spend less time on the road, the variety of client, work and people is greatly invigorating and I can (theoretically) pick and choose my work days, locations and clients."

How I keep my passion for training alive:

  • "Surfeiting the appetite sickens and so dies" (Shakespeare)....go for variety

  • Don't bottle it up... Share your opinions and experience on Any Answers?

  • Have other activities... Do something other than the "day job", I garden, handyman, look after an 80 year old (look after as in spend time with rather than as a carer), I help my wife with her cottage industry, do some charity work, in the training and non training field

  • Lastly remember that I ain't in it to provide "training", I'm in it to try to help people improve their performance

  • Nikki Brun
    What I love most: "Once in a while the training /coaching /facilitating (call it whatever you want!) I deliver positively improves an individual's performance. Even better is if I see the light bulb come on in the session. That is absolutely the best bit of my job, and makes up for the times I can see the tumbleweed go through a session."

    How I keep my passion for training alive: "Keeping the passion for me is about continuing my own learning about development, and trying to push new ideas into my organisation."

    Nik Kellingley
    What I love most: "The thing I love most about my job is the reaction of trainees, it is the constant feedback from people who feel that you have improved their lives or made a huge difference in the way they see the world. From reaching the delegate who is there "because my manager said I had to go on a course" to the thrill of making a difference when people don't even speak English as their first language.

    "Recently I was delivering in Egypt and the local trainer came to me at the end of the first session and said "I can't believe how good that was. Normally when trainers deliver here in English, our staff aren't very responsive because they find the English too much work to get fully involved. But today they really got excited that was just excellent, you can really talk to people." It made my week because I had been so nervous at delivering to an audience I didn't know - in terms of culture, education level etc."

    How I keep my passion for training alive: "My passion for training doesn't need much maintenance the job is always rewarding and always changing (in part because I like to move industries, countries etc. on a semi-regular basis) and because I get to learn so much when I'm doing the job - from a new computer system, to railway engineering, to telecoms and not forgetting the "smaller" stuff like a different view on an old theme, an insight into another culture or person.

    "Finally on a true Valentines theme, I met the love of my life through my job and we have been together for over five years now, so the job must be great (though I'm not sure that Suz would always agree with me)!"

    Jenny Jones
    What I love most: "I love the unending variety my job brings. Even delivering the same course in the same organisation no two courses are ever the same, each offering its unique challenges and learning opportunities."

    How I keep my passion for training alive: "I keep the passion alive by focussing on what I am aiming to achieve - each person moving towards achieving their personal learning outcomes. I strive to make the training room a really fun place where people find it easy to learn and, if they're enjoying themselves I find I do too."


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