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Way the World Teaches With Artificial Intelligence


From past few decades, our educational system has been slowly adapting itself to the new age of technology. With every day something new is innovating, everyone needs to accept the new change and learn about it. The biggest change that a mankind is right now facing is the new age of technology i.e. Artificial Intelligence (AI). As the artificial intelligence is leading its way into the educational system as well it is becoming more important to incorporate the changes in the way the leaning is happening at higher education levels.

A recent analysis of artificial intelligence market in U.S educational sector concluded that use of artificial intelligence in this sector has a compound growth rate of 47.5% throughout 2017-2021 forecasted periods.

So what is artificial intelligence? And how is it incorporating itself into educational system?

Artificial intelligence basically means a computer controlled robot/machine is able to perform some basic/ common tasks which are done by the human beings.

From different aspects of life, Artificial intelligence is always been getting incorporated in various ways. Even researchers, futurists, and movie makers have been predicting the life-changing events which will be arising due to artificial intelligence. Though there haven’t been many changes or innovations regarding artificial intelligence but still a lot of things are always around us like automatic car parking systems, personal assistance in smartphones and house assistance systems. The education sector is one of the most effected sectors of all when it comes to counting the big changes.

Main roles of Artificial intelligence in education:

Artificial intelligence can automate basic activities in education:

In an educational institution, basic activities like grading, feedback, curriculum building etc can be tedious work for the teachers. Such work will lead to huge wastage of time which can be utilized in interaction with students. AI will help in the easier completion of academic assignment without much cumbersome work.

Artificial intelligence software for student needs:

Students studying high school or college would need self-assessment for their own growth which can be possible through individualized learning systems. Such systems will be designed in such a way which will be responding to the needs of the students. Adaptive learning has always been a huge source of impact on student’s advancement.

It is altering the way a person is able to find and interact with the information:

A person in today’s generation depends mostly on the electronic devices for information gathering. Many of us rarely even notice the various artificial intelligence systems around us which help us retreat information. Google helps us find the desired information based on the needs. Google maps help us reach a destination through navigations. Shopping sites make recommendations based on previous purchases. Siri in apple phones adapts to your needs and orders. As the time is changing, students in the future will be facing much-advanced technology then they are facing today. So it will be much easier and different experiences for academic assignment work and gather information.

Data powered by AI will change the way schools teach, inspire and support students:

AI will be changing most of the basic procedures and the way teachers deal with the students. With AI, teachers find it more easy and efficient to support students in their studies. Schools and Institutions around the globe are slowly incorporating the new technology in their own systems which will lead to growth in both the parts of teaching as well as learning.


Even though it hasn’t been completely incorporated in the schools, artificial intelligence has become a growing trend since AI’s uptick in the 1980’s. As education is a great means of to develop young minds which are capable of expanding into knowledge pools, while Artificial intelligence helps to enhance and manifest the ways to develop the human mind in a more detailed and accurate picture. According to Pearson deciphers, “AI holds potential of offering greater support through various tools in the future. AI will bring lifelong companions for individual learners throughout their studies in and beyond classrooms”.

Various examples of artificial intelligence in education:

Smart customized books:

In today’s date, technology advancement is penetrating in every aspect. Technology has turned old textbooks into new smart and relevant learning guides which are electronically handled. These sort of customized books have been successfully launched by Content Technologies, Inc. (An AI Company). These customized books fit into specific courses and students. Teachers are able to upload syllabus into the CTI engine of the machine. Then the CTI machine masters the content and uses various codes to create customized textbooks according to the concepts.

Intelligent tutoring systems:

A student usually requires somewhat help with their studies. This is resolved via personal tutoring. Psychologist Benjamin Bloom supports that personalized tutoring and instructions are much more effective. Researchers work towards forming AI around various factors like study schedules around student’s progress, feedback, immediate opportunity for better performance etc. Carnegie Learning’s Mika Software uses Artificial intelligence technology to provide real-time feedback and personalized tutoring for the students.

Virtual environment:

The vision to incorporate artificial intelligence in education is creating virtual human guides and facilitators in an educational environment. Well, not a reality yet but the major goal is to create virtual human-like characters who think, reach, act and interact in a completely natural way.

Netex learning:

This particular tool lets the educators design the syllabi or curriculum around various digital platforms to make the sessions virtual and interactive. It can be easily used without much guidance towards using it. It helps include audio, video, and self-assessment to their personalized digital plans. With netex, a student can actually monitor their own growth with visual representations.

As technology has already been engulfed itself in the educational system, artificial intelligence is the next big thing in the world of technology. With new innovations happening around artificial intelligence education is at the stage of becoming the accessible platform for the students. AI is changing the perspective of students. With new technology coming in picture, teachers have accepted that AI will bring better future in the educational system. Students will grow with the technology.

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Nishant Sinha


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