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web based learning – teach me !


I want to enter the world of web based learning. I want the whole package - Software simultaions, tutorials, RSS feeds, Mobile learning, Podcasts, Forums, videos

I can visualise my end result - and I'm pretty adept at using these technologies, I just need to fill in the considerable gaps in my knowledge about developing content for these formats and publishing it. I don't need the actual skills to do it all myself - I will have a team of techies to manage hosting and so forth, but I will be responsible for developing any content.

I currently use Captivate 4 - but I use it as one would use Office - I know what the built in functions will give me but I know very little about the extra scripts and fancy stuff I can also do. I am constantly frustrated that I produce something, then find I have to change it as it doesn't work for the medium it  will be accessed from and it takes me hours of forum - trawling and trial and error before I get there.

I have a little HTML knowledge that I've picked up from the web

I've looked up things like - "How do I become and e-learning developer" and "Qualifications needed to be an e-learning developer" but I get reffered to comapnies who will do it for me or get very general web design courses.

Can anyone suggest routes to take / good courses to do / best ways to learn or research or just generally give me any pointers ?

Many thanks

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  1. Captivate 4


    Have you tried This is a subscription based service with tons of learning material.

    You can get a preview at youtube here:

    I personally do not use captivate, but I use Wink

    Wink is free and does more or less the same but getting started with Wink does require some tenacity too. In wink you can record full video’s, animated screenshots (smaller files, with almost the same result) or by using transparent "hot spots", you can create a simulation where the user needs to click on the transparent hot spots in the video to perform certain actions.


    Robert Ilbrink

  2. A good question…

    Hi Clara

    Just starting myself and know what you mean.

    I guess you need to ask yourself ‘OK, I need all this stuff but do I really need all this stuff?’

    Look around see what you already have to work with (captivate and company intranet?): it’s going to be a case of assembling a toolkit of software and contacts.

    There is no one solution: you may need several bits of software, content stores…

    Try software out (lots of 30 day trials out there) and don’t ignore open source solutions!

    Suggest checking out the Training Zone, E-Learning Guild, Linked-in and, as you have done, ask questions. Get on to some free Webinars (see Training Zone, E-learning Guild).

    I have a small google bookmark list with some resources you can view…!threadID=GrUgoMocD_kI%2FBDcqV3woQsvbV7-sl






  3. I find this useful

    These guys are a great source of information:

    They are developers themselves but also big users of open source systems. They provide heaps of useful links, tips and tricks on their site so you might find further info.

  4. That’s a very challenging job
    That’s a very challenging job, and you are very lucky to have a passion for e-learning. I believe and you might also be known that there are a number of online courses out there. But I think learning is going to be effective if you hire and meet the instructor face-to-face. I think this would be specifically related to web designing or web developing. You can submit your quote to get to hire UK web development specialist to a local service specialist. Learn how to get to know what you need to consider before hiring here .

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