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Wellness Conference energiser, fun activities, ice breakers


I am looking for quick team bonding activities, icebreakers, games for 45 participants for a 2 day conference(15 local worksite doctors, 15 worksite head of HR, 15 wellness champions:: HR people managing worksite wellness).

I need at least 4 activities, post lunch and closing activities for each day for around 15-30 minutes.

The doctors may all know each other and similarly all HR heads and Wellness champions.
The worksite doctors, Hr head and wellness champs from the same location, may also be well connected.
The aim is to bond them, create more enthusiasm, and engage them in the intensive wellness meetings.
Plus I also need a interesting introduction actvitiy to start the conference. For the same I have just 10 minutes for about 50 people (Participants+faciliatators)
I look forward to your views and ideas.
Many thanks,

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  1. a generic comment


    Forgive me if this comment is inappropriate, since I see that your company is based in Mumbai and I am speaking purely from a UK point of view.

    Ther have been numerous cases in the UK where medical professionals have taken part in similar events and have been publicly very critical afterwards.  This has been predominantly as a result of the medical professionals taking umbrage at spending their valuable time (when they could be doing medical things, like saving lives or shortening waiting lists) being made to "play games" or take part in other activities that can be seen as "frivolous". (Off the top of my head recent examples include bongo drumming bonding sessions and chocolate-creating team builds)

    In consequence of this I would suggest that you ensure that you ensure that all the activities that you plan for the day are very, very clearly "work related" and have a clear and valuable outcome for all the participants.

    I would suggest that you try to go for brainstorms of topics such as the:

    ~’Purpose of the wellness programme’,

    ~’Potential Barriers to the wellness programme’

    ~’Ways to overcome the barriers"

    ~’Potential Benefits of the wellness programme to a) us delivering it, b) the population to whom it is delivered, c) Society as a whole’

    Or answer the contention that:

    ~’the Wellness programme is a waste of time and resources’

    Or challenges such as

    ~How will we measure the ROI of the wellness programme?

    ~How can we take the wellness programme to the people who will benefit most


    I hope this helps

    Rus Slater

  2. Thanks for the reply

    Hello Rus…all your points are very valid, we have already worked on all the aspects of the wellness planning since last couple years and this year the idea came across to bring together all the key role player for the worksite wellness. Hence, the wellness conference is conducted…the day 2 of the session is going to be exclusively focused on thier worksite wellness plan, oportunities, challenges and required resources and measuring impact.

    Since its an intensive workshop, I just need some quick fun actvities for re-enegizing the group and engaging them for various session.

    Thanks again for sharing you views.



  3. Energisers

    Hi Jalpa, I have lots of these exercises for use with large groups. Contact me at and I will send them over and you can chose one that fits your needs.


    Cheers, Nick

  4. Highs and Lows Ice Breaker

    Hi Jalpa

    Taking on Rus’s comments about the ice breaker being relevant, in groups this size I usually do the following:

    Highs and Lows ice breaker

    1. Look to the person sitting next to you, that is your partner

    2. Decide who is a and who is b

    3. As speak for one minute about ‘the highs’ of programme/your job/the project/the team/your life (Select most appropriate)and one minute about ‘the lows’

    4. B person listen then paraphrase back what they heard


    Do exactly the same Bs speak and As listen and paraphrase back.

    Time keep like a demon – if necessary, whistle, clap, when switching pairs (they will be engrossed)

    If you want – ask for volunteers, who are happy to share a few ‘highs’ and ‘lows’

    I find this exercise is a good warm up and sets the scene for an evaluation and planning and action session.

    Hope that helps

    Emma Falkner

  5. Thanks for the reply

    Thanks Emma and Nick…for the reply.

    Emma the activity is quite useful…:)

    Nick as you  mentioned, I have emailed you for further details.

    I look forward to your reply.



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