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What coaching models do you use?


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I am looking to implement a coaching course covering the very basics.

What coaching models do you use and why?

Thanks Sarah
Sarah Money

8 Responses

  1. TGROW
    Hi Sarah
    In my opinion one of the emost basic but very useful is TGROW.

  2. Coaching
    Yeah, I use GROW alot – Goal(using SMART to set), Reality, Options, Will / Way . Also if you are doing specific observations the funnel question technique is really good.
    Hope this helps, if you want any more just drop me a mail

  3. Coaching Models
    All the best models are simple ones. GROW is probably the best known, but try also:

    POWER (Positive/Own Part/What, specifically/Ecology/Real

    GAINS (Goal/Assessment/Ideas/Next Steps/Support

    STEER (Sopt/Tailor/Explain/Encourage/Review)

    For explaining change (and deep personal development) you could use Kubler-Ross.

    Happy to give more detail on any of these if you would like!



  4. Which coaching model – what application
    Rather than share what models I use, let me ask a question first – what is it that you are trying to achieve?

    What type of coaching? – behavioural, skills or attitude?

    GROW is a powerful tool but only for performance coaching – it is not the best model for a manager to use with a subordinate.

    It is best to have a small range of tools knowing their strangths and limitations.

    Many inexperienced trainers and coaches take one model and ‘apply it’ to their client and wonder why they do not get the performance.

    As well as the models listed so far also consider –
    Stop, start, continue change
    Well formed outcomes (NLP)

    All searchable on google

    Good luck

  5. beg pardon
    Mike states
    “GROW is a powerful tool but only for performance coaching – it is not the best model for a manager to use with a subordinate.”

    Does this presume that managers do not performance coach their subordinates?

    If Mike means that GROW isn’t appropriate for directive leadership then he may have a point though I have seen grow used in this environment…
    G; your goal is…
    R; the reality is ….which leaves the
    O; options as follows however,you..
    W; will do it this way

    it ain’t coaching but it is the same(ish)model.

    Also consider the 7 C’s of coaching and the OSCAR model

    it ain’t the model that you use but the way that you use it…that’s what gets results
    (apologies to the Bangles)

  6. More than GROW as a coaching model

    Rus you are correct
    GROW is a great tool but a little over done and understood. Most people only use it at a superficial level (a little like SMART objectives are often used).
    My concern is that other professionals will pick on one model and apply it as the universal solution.

    My key message has to me chose the right tool for the job – not just one that appears to be talked about most often.

    I have many Coaching models and Management models available in jpg and ppt format on my site.

  7. CIGAR
    I like the CIGAR model as it compares the “As Is” to the Ideal (“To be”), defining an action plan to close the gap, with a review built in with further actions/adjustments if necessary. This is close to the methodology which a lot of leading management consultancy firms use on projects, with great success. C- The Current Reality, I – Ideal, G – Gaps, A – Action, R – Review

  8. Coaching Models

    I have just newly joined the ranks of coaching, but I have found that I use a small number of models depending on what and how I am coaching.

    Currently I am working with a professional with regards to presentations and using the correct graphical presentations, and to start with I am using EDIP.




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