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what would you put into Room 102?


Spring is sprung and the days are getting longer and brighter so I thought it would be interesting to ask the forum a slightly different question;

~We've had the "Room 101" question before....

~We've had "words we want to ban".....

~We've had "activities that should be buried and forgotten.....

So now let's have a round of "What I love about my work in L&D...." specifically I think it would be valuable to hear the detail rather than the purely philosophical, but that is just my opinion....what is yours?

To kick off with what I love about my role in L&D;

~I love it when a delegate turns up on a course looking dead grumpy and arguing with me/the adds a challenge to the day and gets everyone thinking rather than just nodding like a row of Churchill dogs.

~I love it when the laptop talks to the projector and the slides are crisp and legible on the just makes the day start off sooooo well!

~I love it when I meet a client who hasn't got a clue what the solution is to their gives me such a buzz to be able to help.

....over to you......

6 Responses

  1. These are a few of my favourite things…

    Helping people with numeracy and literacy problems and seeing them blossom and gradually become more confident

    Employees who actively think about their own development and come to me with an idea of where they want to go

    Watching somone have that ‘light bulb’ moment when something clicks into place

    Adding value to my company

    Learning new things every day





  2. Ohh yesss!

    Hi Russ

    Thank you for your article.

    I also have suffered from the "Churchill" phenomena so much in fact. I start any Q&A sessions. "I don’nt want any Churchills!".

    I Love it when


    When you run a "Workshop" that the delegate looks surprised when he has to do some work!. I have used"I am not a highwayman it’s not stand and deliver its a workshop where you work!".  


    I agree with your comments about the argumentative delegate at least they have looked at the material. Disagreed with it but at least they have looked and are taking it in!. 


    Finally seeing a delegate finding a solution is the ultimate trainer reward!

    Many Thanks








  3. More please…

    I love it when participants say in the evaluation that that wished the training went on longer.

  4. The best reason…

    …for doing what we do.


    When someone you’ve trained ages before (6 years is my record) comes up to you, knows your name, remembers something from the training and adds ‘it changed the way I do X’.


    Quite simply, the most satisfying feeling ever.

  5. Great Question Rus!

     … thanks for asking and it is good to think about the positive aspects of the job – my problem is that I have so many! I love what I do and feel very privileged to be doing it.

    Similar to the previous answer, I was facilitating at a two-day Leadership conference last week for the top 120 leaders in a large corporate that I have worked with for many years. I hadn’t seen a delegate list in advance so I had a constant stream of pleasant surprises when people I had coached and/or trained over the last 6 or 7 years appeared and proudly announced their various promotion(s) to me and acknowledged the help they had had through the various leadership development programmes I had delivered. I was on such a high during and after the event and still have a lovely warm glow of pride and job satisfaction!

    As an external trainer and coach I often don’t get to see how people progress after a training intervention so this was a real treat. 

    Looking forward to seeing more answers and also echo many of the above: the challenging delegates and technology working especially!




  6. room 102

    Hi Russ

    I love your question too.

    I particularly like people who ask questions – especially if they ask the question that leads onto the next topic.  I had one guy on a short workshop who kept apologising for asking questions and I felt like kissing him because every question he asked was a perfect lead into the next section.

    And I like the ‘highwayman’ quote and will use that – I often say to participants that I like my job because it’s a bit like having a party – all the hard work is in the preparation and then it’s up to everyone else to enjoy themselves, work hard and learn on the day.  I just create the environment for them to do that.

    I love continuing to learn myself – from the things that people stretch me on and the things I have to find out just to keep up to date.

    and most of all I like meeting so many diverse and wonderful people.


    Stella Collins


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Rus Slater


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