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What’s a reasonable cut?


I feel this has probably been discussed before although I couldn't find anything on a search. 

I work as a freelance training consultant for a small number of training providers.  What would you consider a reasonable cut for the training provider to take from what the client pays them? So, if they are charging the end-client £750 a day for your services, what would you expect to receive from that? Half? More than half?

Would be pleased to hear others' views.



5 Responses

  1. A reasonable cut?

    Hi Jenny

    It is hard to get straight info about this, so I hope a few people contribute! In my experience, you often don't know the rate the training provider has charged  – you'll be offered a day rate and have to decide if it is acceptable. 

    Some are more open – which, to be honest, feels better to me. In those situations, I've been offered 50 – 70%.

    Hope that helps.

  2. there are other factors as well

    if they provide the material and pay you to attend a TTT then you'd expect a different rate to one where you provided the materials or were expected to learn theirs in your own time.

    the volume of work needs to be a factor


    as does the length of a working day (eg are you expected to bring back 20 sheets of A1 and copy it all out as feedback)


    None of this really helps, so sorry!


  3. I’m in a similar position

    I'm in a similar position Jenny.

    In the end, you have to work out what works for you. Many more associate opportunities are being offered at little more than a full time employee would be paid for the day.

    Associate work is drifting more towards the equivalent of a zero hours contract with less benefits!

    In the end, the relationship between a freelance trainer and a provider is a business to business one – each has to negotiate terms that are acceptable. 



  4. Fair

    I work as an associate and I also use associates! I just expect fairness really. For the £750 you mention, I would expect to pay/be given £400-£500 depending on the amount of prep required and length of day. Hope that helps.

  5. Thanks

    Thanks to all for responding.  The % seems to vary enormously, in those cases where I know what the end client is paying my client for my services.



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Jennifer James

Training Consultant

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