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What’s your favourite acronym?


Following on from PIN


Interest (mutual)


I think its slightly cheating to call it PIN but any other acronyms out there that you would like to share?

I quite like STAR


Thoughts (and feelings)



16 Responses

  1. Favourite repeatable acronyms


    There are FAR too many inappropriate ones to post here!!!

    My favourite that actually is repeatable is: VALUE (The context is "Adding value to your goals") – very similar to the one we all know about (SMART)

    V = Verifiable

    A = Accountable

    L = Linked to organisational goals

    U = Useful

    E = Easily tracked


  2. VALUE

    Hi Sophie

    when I started reading your post I misread it..

    My favourite that actually is repeatable is: VALUE (The context is "Adding value to your goals") …



    Leading to

    U’r (your)


  3. ERIC

    I find this one very useful for health & safety risk assessment training;




    C  Control

    And yes I know you should add PD to the end of it technically


    This acronym (SCAMPER) for finding new ideas for anything is in my view the most useful and directly applicable of all creativity tools. It requires one to preface each letter in the acronym with the question What if I/we ?:

                           Substitute (one thing for another – person, group, material etc)

                           Combine (this with something else)

                           Adapt (this for a different market, client group, stakeholder etc)

                           Modify (scale it up, scale it down, duplicate it)

                           Put it to another use (use this existing technique in a different context etc)

                           Eliminate (take something out of it etc)

                           Reverse (turn it inside out, reverse assumptions etc)

      Best Wishes,




  5. Newsletter

    "This acronym (SCAMPER) for finding new ideas for anything is in my view the most useful and directly applicable of all creativity tools"

    Like this one…could possibly make it to my monthly newsletter!





  6. OSRAM How to light up your audience when presenting

    I use OSRAM to help remember the 5 most important aspects of a presentation.

    • Objective
    • Speaker
    • Room
    • Audience
    • Message

    or in the same vain if you are about to perform an demonstration think OPERA

    • Objective
    • Presenter
    • Equipment
    • Rehearsal
    • Audience

    All the best





     Hi Steve,

    I have numerous examples of SCAMPER in science and technology, music, food, advertising and even art !! I am shortly publishing an article on this where I studied a number of issues of New Scientist and mapped new developments on to the SCAMPER tool and haven’t yet found one that doesn’t fit. Similarly with advertising where I have examples of videos advertising cars and each one can be related to one or more of these transformative questions.

    It is my belief that if we equip people with these transformations by example they can diagnose creative ideas when they see them and then start to apply the transformations to their own challenges. It’s far more productive than brainstorming …..

    Best Wishes,






  8. KISS

    Thanks Kevin…will think of some reasons to use it I’m sure.

    Anyone else find





    Offensive or is it just me?

  9. ARP

    It’s not training related but I used this in a training session to show how acronyms mean different things to different people. To most IT people on the course it means Address Resolution Protocol.






  10. Singapore is the land of acronyms

    As I live in the land of Acronyms, I hate them.

    Here it is possible to construct a sentence almost entirely of acronyms, and people will understand it!

    So my favourite has to be


    Answers on a postcard . .

    — Tony Latimer, MCC Master Executive Coach Training Director, Asia Pacific Corporate Coach Institute

  11. people

    My favourite (serious) is PEOPLE; an acronym to classify non verbal behaviours that can be used in communication training (you can download an explanation from

    My favourite (less serious) is SEP…from the Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy…Somebody Else’s Problem, great when looking at Monkey Management or Stress

    My favourite "back at yer" anecdote is that in the American Army they used to refer to LBE~Load Bearing Equipment….which they shamefacedly admitted "You Brits call it a "belt"!"…………………………then the Brits replaced the "belt" with PLCE~Personal Load Carrying Equipment (an FLA rather than the more popular TLA.

    and finally

    We use acronyms (often/usually) as shorthand; they are quicker to say that the words they represent…… why is the single most common acronym 9 syllables long when the words it replaces are 3 syllables?

    Which acronym is that?






    Rus Slater

  12. Degrees

    Abbreviation rather than an acronym, but I couldn’t resist.

    BS = Bull Sh*t

    MS = More Sh*t

    PhD = Piled Higher & Deeper


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Steve Robson

Learning and Development Consultant

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