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Where can I find Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Questionnaire online?


I am looking for an online, fully interactive version of Howard Gardner's Multiple Intellligences Questionnaire (8 intelligences - Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Linguistic, Kinaesthetic etc).

Can anyone help please?
Thank you.
Zoe Young

5 Responses

  1. Multiple Intelligences
    Zoe – there has been a number of questions on the above topic over the last few months – I can’t remember the answers but I do remember going to a few websites and picking up some useful (and fun!) info. Can I suggest that you look back and check previous questions?

    Note to Training Zone – could we have a search facility please!
    Thanks Lynn Wood

  2. Note FROM TrainingZONE

    The Search facility is in the top right of each page- just below the head of page banners and buttons. This will search not only any answers but the whole of the site ( although Any Answers has its own section). It is a very powerful search tool, and is also very easy to follow.

    Also on the home page of the Any Answers area there is a linked search box.

  3. Gardner’s Question Time!
    You should be aware Zoe of the inherent faults of using a questionnaire in exploring or examining Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences. Gardner himself writes that no such instrument has been developed that adequately addresses this issue nor probably ever will, let me quote you section from Gardner’s book ‘Intelligence Reframed’

    Chapter 9 Opening Paragraph:

    ‘On the question of assessment, entrenched habits of thought can become dangerous. Like others influenced by contemporary practices in psychological measurement, I too began to think about assessment possibilities. But it soon became evident that the standard technology could not be applied appropriately to several of the intelligences. For instance, how do you measure someone’s understanding of himself, or of other people, using a short answer instrument? What would be an appropriate short-answer measure of an individual’s bodily-kinaesthetic intelligence?’

    If you use the purported MI questionnaires in the certain knowledge that they tell you nothing and are really only to begin the exploration of this subject then I think they are excellent, but beware of people suddenly acquiring ‘labels’ immediately after completing this type of hopelessly flawed instrument.


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