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Where can I get posters designed for Corporate Training Rooms?


I am in need of brightening up our many training rooms and training office.
Can anyone suggest a good website or company who sells these? Ideally team work/motivation/team leading posters etc
Mo Belcher

6 Responses

  1. Are such posters appropriate?
    Hullo Mo. Appropriate posters on the wall sound a good idea for brightening up a room.

    Having said that I wonder what would be “appropriate”? I find most “motivational” posters etc rather banal and in fact quite inappropriate! To me they smack of rhetoric, spin, bull****, rather than insight or wisdom.

    You might find some “ordinary” posters and use these. This would give the added possibility, should you so wish, of asking people what if anything each poster says to them about motivation, leadership, whatever. This can prove to be a reflective and thoiughtful process that enables people to recognise and share what sense they are making of the issue, what it means to them in their real work contexts.

    Sorry if this is not the answer you were looking for!

  2. I do like Tom’s idea….but…
    ….for the professional look I dont think you can beat some great business specific posters.
    There are some pitfalls to watch out for. Generic posters can be a waste of money. They dont give the full effect and impact that these extreemly useful visuals should.
    You should make sure that the posters are in line with your company brand, desired session outcomes, and company culture.
    I have quiet a bit of further info on visual impact in Accelerated Cognitive Learning as this is a subject I have a keen interst in.
    Should you require some further infor on sourcing etc them please email at

    Love Life and Learning,

  3. Photo Competition
    I agree with others about bland corporate posters, but then I mainly work with very cynical professionals so it could be context bound!
    The best posters I have seen was a law firm who ran a photography competition with their staff. The best images were selected, englarged and displayed around the training room and other public areas. The images were beautiful and demonstrated the way that different strengths and talents were encouraged within the firm. Another company had lots of photographs of their teams working together on community projects and firm wide activities. To me these seemed to say a lot more about the culture than the team work type posters.

  4. Curling up at the corners
    I agree with the sentiments expressed here. Once, such posters looked authoritative and could demonstrate timeless truths as they faded under their patina of nicotine and tar. Now they come across as patronising and, in consequence, irrelevant to the individuals whom they address. Amazingly, there’s e-learning which tries to use similar images as a counterpoint to or reinforcement of the information that it contains. Christine’s idea is great since it identifies individuals with the organisation and builds on what they have already, incontrovertibly, achieved.
    Max Klein

  5. all best serials
    then I mainly perform with very doubtful experts so it could be perspective bound!The best pictures I have seen was a law company who ran a digital cameras competitors with their team. The best pictures were chosen, englarged and shown around the exercising space and other community places. all best serials

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