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Where can I get QUALITY training material?



I have recently returned to L&D after a couple of years out of the arena.  I have joined a fantastic company that has a huge appetite for L&D however I am going to struggle to meet the demands as the limited material I have is quite dated.

I want to run some courses in house however I don't have the time to design the course material as it's a new role so there is so much to do and I'm already committed to various bits of bespoke design already.

I want to get my hands on some quality training material and wondered if anyone has any recommendations.  There are lots of providers however I am nervous about spending my very small budget on something that requires lots of re-work or just doesn't hit the mark.

One of the areas I want to tackle is  'Change' . Has anyone used a provider that they would recommend.

Many thanks


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  1. how do you define “quality”?

    For such a wide area as "change" where there are full time masters and doctorate courses available, what are your criteria for quality – and what parts of change, in what context?

    Change is often treated like velcro, and people hope that something will stick, but "change" to HR means different things to "IT".

    the simple facts are people can and do change when they understand why – the problem is often communication – if, when, how, how often etc.

    what are your goals?

  2. Training Materials

    Hi Michelle,

    We have some training materials available onour site, but Mike is right, how do you define quality.  I guess everyone will go about putting a Managing Change training course together differently.

    If it helps, I’m happy to let you have the Change Materials we have and see how you get on from there.  Just PM me your email address and I will send them over.



    — Managing Director Revolution Learning and Development Ltd

  3. Quality Training Materials

    Hi Michelle, I am happy to help with your requirement, I can provide workbooks, supporting activities, slides for a range of topics, many are accredited by the ILM although you don’t have to run them as accredited programmes it is an indication that they have met the standard.


  4. How does £30 for licence free material sound?

    At the risk of being too promotional, I wonder if these two bite-size sessions would be of interest? They would easily make half a day together, and aren’t that expensive. They are aimed at employees and first line managers, so I wouldn’t recommend them for use with more senior people.

    Manage the Impact of Change –

    Handle resistance to Change –

    Each package contains a detailed delegate workbook and facilitator notes as well as all (written) materials for supporting activities. I can understand that you are concrened about quality, but each session takes me a full day to write, and you can download a free sample from our main shop page before you buy. They are also sold in the TrainingZone shop, and I think it is fair to say that they wouldn’t sell anything that was of poor quality.

    You also have the option of buying them in word format so that you can tweak them if you like. Currently there are 23 topics covering a whole range of subjects. 

    Hope that these are useful

    Louise Gelsthorpe – Power Hour

  5. Change Management Training Materials

    Michelle, you can also try the following Change management training materials. The emphasis in the design of products here is to minimise the amount of time required to prepare a course for delivery so you don’t have do do much rework. The aim is deliver a course with maximium effectiveness through accelerated learning so delegates learn as much as possible in a given amount of time. Comprehensive trainer guidelines help you to achieve this. 

    Good luck with your courses. 

    Other soft skills training materials  can be found here. 

    Ehsan Honary 

  6. Quality course materials

    Hi Michelle

    We don’t cover change management but do cover 14 other topics from presentation skills to appraisal skills. Take a look at our web site at and click top toolbar item: ‘Courses for YOU to deliver’. You can download samples from each product page but are happy to send out full preview copies.

    Hope that helps.


  7. help but no promotion

     Interesting, we also sell such materials – but strange that i am the only one that provided advice/ a question on clarity rather than saying look here…

  8. Hello,
    I used to be a university lecturer in food studies and hospitality operations management. I’m now retired and no longer need my training materials. These are mainly CIEH trainers packs for HACCP, Level 3 & 4 Food Safety Management and level 3 Risk Assessment.
    I was also an examiner with CIEH in food safety management and lead moderator for their PTLLs trainer training courses.
    If anyone would like these materials for free please contact me via this site.

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