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Why My Country is Better Than Yours


Brought a tear to my eyes.

4 Responses

  1. My country is better is it?
    I cannot really see the appeal or the worth of this argument, sorry wackydo!

    I know you have been to the Isle of Wight for a week, and then there was that fab boozy break in Beni wif yer mates, but I suggest you review your geography, go over your school books, go on, get ’em out of the garage.

    Somewhere in these hallowed halls you must surely find advice on what ‘reality’ is. Your’s is clearly quite different to mine. I do not want to surpress youthful enthusiasm or whatever it is you are bleating about, and I don’t want to be offensive coz you look like a nice fellow. It would be encouraging if you were to blog here, a training and development site, in a positive manner about something USEFUL habibi (Ar. sweetheart).

    Fun is great, I have fun with it. But constructively, for the sake of your self development, it may, I say ,may, be nicer to present a more positive topic, and one which will remind our friends abroad (I am in Italy) that the days of Empire have passed. Yes, I know the British what are they National Plooty, have been found and dragged out from the squalid drainage systems of Wandworth or wherever it was. But you are young and have time to change all that.

    Try a different reality, there are plenty!

    ‘The Stones’ did strike a chord I pun. I was 15 when we played as support. Thought I’d throw that it to empathise with you honey child!

    Pip pip, keep up the music, though ‘don’t call us’ on this video clap

    Kind regards


  2. Clarification
    Can I just clarify one or two things for you Peter?

    You appear to think that you are responding to the creator of this video via Traingzone. If your intention is to do this then you need to go to the YouTube site and leave comments on the video there.

    I am fairly certain this teenager doesn’t frequent TrainingZone at all and your ‘comments’ such as they are, are wasted here.

    If you had actually understood the video you would also see that it was a request for other people to post what they liked and enjoyed about their own country and culture and collectively celebrate it, hardly divisive and not what I would deem to be inappropriate.

    As for the issue of presenting a positive topic, you’re on very shaky ground if you think your views are universal about what is right, appropriate or positive.

    And the comments about whether this posting is pertinent; well it’s a blog, which means as the descriptor states, with some clarity, that it is ‘A collection of wild and meandering observations, comments and musings ~ ‘.

    I am also inclined to disregard the advice of anybody who tries to tell me what is and is not appropriate to post especially when their only other contribution to this site was this:

    which I found incoherent and in some parts bizarre.


  3. Young chaps
    I can’t understand why, if it’s on U tube, you would put it here.
    Why would it bring a tear to your eye? Sorry, I guess you’re right I’m confused?
    Thanks for your offerings on my blog. Few glasses of wine?
    Will send you a cd and free tickets to the next concert.
    I am entitled to my views you are right, and, in many places I just hear that we are arrogant and reek of days of Empire, most of us. I don’t know your views on that. That’s a serious observation.
    Many Europeans think so, as we know from our tussles with Bruxelles.
    If the guys were trying to, what were they trying to do and say by the way?

    No point going on, I have other battles and time, well at 63?

    Peace and harmony, I’ll take your advice on other issues, thanks.


  4. grammar correction
    Well done.

    I would really like to chat sometime, you have a bob or two and I do not. You might try to call evenings, ie after 2000. Here we eat at 20.00, I can chew and you can chat!
    00 39 0761 478825

    I would really appreciate your views and analysis on how we might (I/you) present a piece on the spirit of volunteering, not just that though, it’s basically an approach to the frenzied (I imagine) world of commerce today, remaining focused whilst also considering other realities. I can’t really get it together now due other committments … but I would like to say that thinking about the wider world and the probs therein can somehow help you rationalise YOUR position and face up to , who you are I suppose.
    Ramblin’ again I hear you say!!!!
    The constant threat to ones job and status today must be incredibily stressful for so many that I don’t envy them, really I don’t. How DO you teach fortitude, self reliance, assessment of self, future prospects, alternatives if I get dumped or it all goes pear shaped? I envy your own task but, I see you are up to it.

    Have you read Drucker ‘Managing Non profits’?
    I have and it inspired me and helped me help others.
    Maybe, just maybe, in helping others, I started to save myself.

    I have put the sword safely away in the cellar (Etruscan cellar) and would be happy to chat

    Thanks for the conversation



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Garry Platt

Senior Consultant

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