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5 simple ways to increase workplace productivity


You’d be hard-pressed to find a team lead or C-suite executive who wouldn’t leap at the opportunity to increase productivity within their organisation. 

One huge problem facing companies around the world right now is the number of disengaged employees within workforces.

Engaged employees don’t just go to work, they love the work they do and as a result, are more inclined to put in that discretionary effort, the extra yards when no one else is watching, to ensure a good outcome on a project or making sure a customer is happy. 

So with global engagement low, what are some simple ways in which businesses can look to increase productivity in their workplaces? Here’s a look at five to get you started. 

The right tools

Sounds simple, but that’s not always the case. Providing the right tools for employees to really excel at their work is one of the fundamentals of creating a productive workforce. This can range from the most efficient hand tools in construction right through to the right comms platforms for tech companies and PCs that don’t lag when more than one browser window is open at a time. 

Show appreciation for effort and great work

Nothing motivates employees more than being recognised for their work. When staff feel appreciated for their efforts, they’re more willing to work hard. Plus, recognition-rich cultures have a higher level of engaged employees meaning more day to day discretionary effort from employees too. 

Promote better wellbeing

A lack of employee wellbeing can have a serious negative effect on productivity levels. Mental wellbeing, in particular, in areas such as stress, anxiety and burnout, have all been shown to dramatically decrease work output for employees who are experiencing the effects of them. 

Understanding the warning signs of poor wellbeing and implementing initiatives to support staff won’t only create better work outcomes for the organisation overall, it’s also the right thing to do as an employer. 

Promote values 

Organisations which are aligned and a workforce pulling in the same direction, towards a common goal and purpose, have been shown to deliver better results time and time again. Studies have found that employees in an organisation that didn’t understand the connection between their individual contributions and overall business goals were less focused and less productive as a result. 

A values-based employee recognition program, whereby contributions are celebrated against a core value of the organisation is one way in which an organisation can look to address this issue.

Ensure a work-life balance

A study from Ginger Research highlighted how Brit workers, in particular, are working long hours, but productivity is suffering as a consequence. With 34% of staff regularly working through lunch breaks and working longer hours than any other European country, the productivity gap needs tackling. The respondents in this study suggested that being able to work more flexibly and achieving a greater work-life balance would help.

Author Profile Picture
Sinead Healy

Co-founder & MD

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