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And the winner is…


CRM calamityBest Caption 2008

It was a tough choice this month, but the managing editor's vote swung it for Garry Damant with:

Matthew Corbett arranges some naked groupies for Sooty & Sweep!

He gets to choose either a bottle of Italian red wine (Villa Antinori Toscana 2003) or a bottle of organic white (Nelson Sauvignon New Zealand 2006).

Look out for another caption competition at the end of July!

Photo credit: I.B.L./Rex Features

33 Responses

  1. Caption
    “I said we were attending fire arms training, not four arms training”

  2. Caption Competition
    Generally speaking, Fred preferred to stay out of ‘arms way…

  3. Caption competition
    The Inventor looked a little uncertain as he said to the young Scissorhands, “I know it is a little early for Christmas Edward, but I have a present for you.”

  4. Captions
    The electrician was hoping that many hands would make the light work.

    Julian had heard the call to arms

    There were quite a few pies Andrew wanted to keep his fingers in

  5. Caption
    Hands up all of you who think I’m a crap butcher

    Like his good friend Adolf, Hanz had always wanted an Army of his own

    Dr Crippen got worried when the police started put their feelers out

  6. caption
    Bob thought the teambuilding exercise to build a bridge over quicksand was not going so well

  7. Armless
    Nobody ever thought Kurt was armless.


    Gok’s body transplant service was soon inundated.


    Drowning or waving?

  8. Fore warned is Four armed
    when the chief surgeon told Gary to hold the Fore arms he should have been more specific

  9. Cartoon Caption
    Bill always enjoyed the Q&A sessions after his workshops, but on this occasion he found some of the questions rather hard to hear.

  10. Caption
    Gary was relieved to hear the local police were offering an Arms amnesty

  11. Hands up
    “Hands up who thinks Cuthbert has taken “Assertiveness Training for Dummies” a little too far…”

  12. Exercise
    Thats the last time Dave will ask for ‘a hand’ managing his workload…

  13. If they wont use thier arms…
    Sick of the class not particpating Dr Hyde decided to confiscate thier arms

  14. counting made simple
    counting to 20 with my fingers is no problem, but doing fractions with my toes well thats another matter

  15. Entry
    Stuart went too far. It was only “heads and shoulders, knees and toes”.

  16. Contentious?
    Hands up all those who think alcoholic prizes discriminate on the basis of religion?

    Come on TZ we are a group of training professionals who spend our work lives endeavouring not to discriminate.

  17. What’s shipping cost to the USA? (just kidding !)
    Let’s give peace a chance and lay down our arms!


    I’m not into hand-outs, but how about hand ups!?

  18. Caption Competition
    Peter Parker sighed – nobody wanted an aged transvestite superhero

  19. The Arms Race
    “When Harry heard about winning the arms race, he wanted to make sure he’d stand a good chance”

  20. Not enough hands
    “If Harry had known this would be HR’s answer, he would not have complained about too much work and not enough hands.”

  21. caption comp.
    Of course I know what the left hand’s doing

    and for Juliet – you could always win the competition and refuse the alcohol. It could just be about the taking part.

  22. TV Favourite Scandal
    Matthew Corbett arranges some naked groupies for Sooty & Sweep

  23. Caption
    As manicurists go, Harry was a little clumsy with the clippers

  24. Congrats to Garry!
    “Matthew Corbett arranges some naked groupies for Sooty & Sweep!”

    As the token American around here, I don’t have a clew [sic] what this is about!

    BTW: We often mention the “dry” English humor. So I’m wondering, do English folks see American humor as being “wet”?

  25. For the Yanks
    Cheers Trey,

    The American equivilant would be ‘Shari Lewis arranges some naked groupies for Lambchop’

    As for your humour being wet, personally I find anything and everything funny.


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