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Caption competition


And the winner is...

This month's winning caption: "I know I left my glasses around here somewhere..."

Picture credit: Roger-Viollet/Rex Features

Congratulations to JOHN MALLIN who has won this month's caption competition! A bottle of wine will be winging its way to you.

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23 Responses

  1. Caption Competition

     When I was first asked if I wanted to be a taxidermist, I said “Stuff that for a job”  

  2. Actually, it’s a zebra,

    but, after a few minutes under the tanning lamp and few false teeth … 

  3. Caption Competition

    Forget the proverbial ‘elephant in the room’, what about that bloody tiger!!!

  4. Caption competition

    when he became as a nail technician, Aubrey knew he would meet some intersting clients

  5. Caption Competition

    "Just one more game of ‘this little piggy went to market’ and then you can go on the xbox". 

  6. Caption

    Henry was as addicted to the smell of tiger wind as the tiger was to having his nails done.

  7. Caption

    Look, I  know succession planning is important. But when I said I wanted some young tigers on the team…

  8. Just another coat…

    "Make sure you pick a good pink, my nails must match my striped coat dahlin’"

  9. Tiger is thinking…

    "oh, my, isn’t he going to be surprised when this freeze mob thing ends"

  10. Let it rip!

    Tiger said to the man: Quick! Pull my finger…Oops too late.

    Tiger: Lol oldest trick in the book! 😀

  11. Animal Testing

    "I dont believe in animal testing…they get all nervous and give off gases".

  12. Caption Competition

    Some sage and onion and it will be a refreshing change from turkey this christmas — Terry George MCIPD Training Consultant

  13. Caption Competition

    Arthur’s idea for a pinata was creative … but it was definitely not stuffed with Christmas cheer!

  14. Caption Competition

    "Saber tooth saber tooth saber tooth… puleeeeease make me into a saber tooth."

  15. Brain Friendly Learning

    E Bay Worker gets ready to dispatch the first ever Brain Friendly Learning Kit…

    • 1 X Fluffy Toy
    • 1 X Box of Tennis Balls
    • 6 X Plastic Clappy Hands
    • 6 X Smelly Pens


  16. Caption Competition

    Henry worked feverishly on the tiger, hoping to finish in time to scare the bejeebers out of his kids for Halloween.

    — Julia Wolfe, M.Ed

  17. Caption competition, pt 2

    Henry thought this would be a great prank to play on his wife’s mother. His wife was not convinced.

    — Julia Wolfe, M.Ed

  18. Caption Competition

    As the first Chinese Panda was unpacked at Edinburgh Zoo the suspicious Zookeeper immediately checked his A to Z of animals book!

  19. Our fight on terrorism

    MI5 Office, London, 2011

    Scientist to David Cameron: Introducing our new fight on terror….hungry tigers!!!  

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Jon Kennard

Freelance writer

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