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Caption competition


and the winner is...

This month's winning caption: "With so many mouths to feed - Perhaps Wally should have spent more time away from his wife fishing" 

Congratulations to AUDREY who has won this month's caption competition! A bottle of wine will be winging its way to you.

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21 Responses

  1. After seven Great White Sharks were seen taking the bait

    Wu was last seen water-skiing towards open sea 


  2. Plenty o’ fish in the sea

    After his most recent break up, old Charlie took the concept of “theres’s plenty more fish in the sea” quite literally…

  3. Caption competition

    Cousin Abe will now demonstrate what marketing directors think consumer choice is really about.

  4. Pinnochio

    After hearing his complaints for so long, Geppetto finally told Pinnochio… “ So you wanna be a real boy huh? Well, lets see you swim like a real boy!!!”.

  5. Give a man a fish

    Give a man a fish and he eats for a day. Give a man a 7 pronged fishing rod and he eats for a week!

  6. Caption Competition

    Spectators stayed away from this years Fish Slalom competition due to lack of visibility.

  7. caption

    Jim-Bob took Confucius literally…"give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and feed him for a lifetime"…..

  8. caption comp

    I work in HR. Here is a picture of me at work, pushing water uphill with a fork!!

  9. Caption Competition

    "Extreme Fishing" next series preview – is this a new challenge for Robson Green, or have they gone "back to basics"?

  10. Caption Competition

    Maybe I got this "Efforts translate into results" thing all wrong.

  11. Mafia outsourcing

    Due to non-payment of protection money durnig the recession, the Mafia are sending so many business owners to ‘sleep with the fishes’ that they have now outsourced the operation to Asia.

  12. Underwater puppet theatre fails to catch on

    The British government has said that the teaching of Shakespeare should be compulsory in all schools, however following trials of the RSC’s new underwater puppet theatre production of Hamlet, a school of young trout were said to be ‘unimpressed’.

  13. Local man “wouldn’t touch installation art with a bargepole”

     Oh wait, it looks like he already has…

  14. Lunch Break

    Huckleberry Finn takes a break from his adventures along the Mississippi River.

  15. Caption Competition


    Sorry, my response to the caption competition whislt underwater isnt going too well amid all the airbubbles :-s

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Jon Kennard

Freelance writer

Read more from Jon Kennard

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