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Career Planning-advice anyone?


Good morning

I am looking to make a transition from my work in employability to a role in L&D.  I have the CTP and some experience working within the training cycle but finding it hard to get my foot in the door.  I am hoping someone can share some words of wisdom on how they made their career transition from one area of work to another?  What is your golden piece of advice or encouragement can you give to help me with my next steps?  Has anyone used any resources to help them plan their next steps?

Thanks for reading


8 Responses

  1. What now?

    Hello Judith

    It would help if we knew what work you are doing now? Whatever it is, teaching people how to do "that" would be the logical next step?

    More info needed…thanks

  2. Thank you

    Sorry yes I should have said what I do.  I have recently completed a fixed term contract to manage and delivery employability programmes for the unemployed.  I set programmes up, monitor targets, recruit staff to deliver specific elements, provide one to one advice and guidance as well as delivering training.  

    Does this help at all?

    Thank you


  3. Perfect

    Sounds like you really know what you are doing in that world…not sure why you would want to enter the very difficult world of L & D? Self employed very tough and working for a provider has it's own difficulties (I won't mention here)

    I think it would be a great "add on" to what you already do but would be very hesitant about jumping ship completely.

    Stick to what you are good at and maybe try and get in to a big organisation that has training opportunties where you could add to your skills.


  4. Made me think…

    Hi there

    Thanks for your reply, you have certainly made me think. Each time I have tried to make a leap somehow I end up back in employability.   I didn't think about joining a large organisation to develop training skills.  Great idea!

    I wanted to enter L&D I guess for a change of scene and to get all round experience and gain experience from working 'in house' supporting employee's.  I have always worked with the same client group but guess I am passionate about this area of my work. I guess if it 'ain't broke don't try to fix it' springs to mind.

    Thanks for taking the time to reply.


  5. transferable areas

    Hi Judith

    At a rough guess "employability" might include:-

    a) helping people assess their skills

    b) helping them identify potential employers

    c) converting a) into a CV

    b) tailoring their "gissa job" message (both on CV and in person) to the people they identified in b)

    c) presenting themselves in front of b)

    d) negotiating with b) to get a decent job offer.

    If this is the case, and you have been successful at it then you have demonstrated some considerable skill as a sales trainer………

    Just a thought!

    Rus Slater

    feel free to pm me if this is helpful



  6. Transition from one area of work to another.

    Hello Judith,

    When you currently do not have the required skills and experience for a specific career change, focus on identifying and communicating your personal and work related Competencies that align with the the new job or functional area that you are seeking to get in to.  Competencies help identify your transferable skills and capabilities that someone may latch on to and help sponsor or train you to secure and excel in your desired role.

    Good luck with your transition,

    Rex Rolf

    Executive Career, Leadership and Performance Coach

  7. Career Planning

    I have always believed that to be successful in Training, or indeed any facet of HR/Training, it really helps to have spent some time on the front line………..both as a "worker" and then ideally in some kind of supervisory position with responsibility for a Team.  Size of the Team is not of great importance.  It helps you better understand what happens where the work is done, rather than rely on others to tell you.

    Where I have seen this to be most beneficial is when a Trainer is trying to assess training needs.  Often what the bosses say is top priority is quite different from what the "troops" actually need.  Your contact with some of the placements and follow-up might be a good place to start looking for an opportunity.


    Good luck.  DonR.

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Judith C

Training Office

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