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Daniel Goleman’s Leadership Styles and EQ


Hi there

Does anyone have any interesting and interactive exercises that would introduce a group to Daniel Goleman's 6 leadership styles. I would also like to incorporate a basic introduction to emotional intelligence as this underpins the styles.

Thanks very much, Milly

3 Responses

  1. Different perspectives

    Hi Milly

    Different perspectives maybe>

    • 6 flip charts around the room with a definition of each style on each one…
    • Make up cards with 1 scenario per card of a leadership issue
    • Split group into 6 teams
    • Give each group a scenario card
    • Each group visits each flip chart for 10 minutes each and have to work out good and bad points for each Leadership style for each scenario

    Never delivered this course before but thats how I would probably approach it. More thought needed for the debrief as it could be long winded with so much output…any patterns emerging…personal experiences…preferred styles etc etc

    I think I would keep Emotional Intelligence compeltely seperate as it could be information overload and confusing. Hay Group have some very good workbooks on EI so maybe could be done as home study, essential pre course reading?

    Good luck




  2. Put a face to the name

    Hi Milly

    As a simple idea, have you thought about identifying famous leaders (real or fiction) who embody each of these characteristics i.e. Darth Vadar/Commanding? You can use some great images or video clips for your visual learners to enjoy.

    It will enable you to bring the characteristics to life and make it real for them (it really helps if there is a positive role model in the organisation that can be included in the ‘famous faces’).

    Once they have made the connections (& hopefully there has been some healthy debate), it will make it much easier to bring out the learning re evidence of behaviours, impact, when the style works effectively, EI, preferred style of the learners & what it means to them individually etc.

    I hope this helps, but please let me know if you have any questions.

    All the best


    PS you can always set the challenge of asking them which category Homer Simpson fits into; its a great way of  broadening the discussion of what makes someone a ‘leader’.

  3. Just a thought

    I like the idea of attaching a famous person to each Leadership style…good idea.

    One thing that has occured to me after barging in with my size 10’s is why are the group learning this?

    • Why do they need introducing to 6 Leadership styles?
    • What is their current level of knowledge / experience?
    • What are they going to use this new information for?

    The answers to the above would have a huge effect in how it was taught and for how long etc etc…

    I will put my original comment in the "general category" of one of the ways of "teaching groups of ideas/principles to groups of people" so it may or may not be suitable for your needs…



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