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e-learning is dead boring!


Stop trying to make e-learning sound like something it's not...

Yeah, it sounded dead good back in the day. Sit in your jim-jams with a glass of wine on a Friday night and learn about how to administer medication in care homes, for example.

The reality for some learners? I'll through those questions! I'm bored of reading that stuff and I'll Google the answers.

E-learning supporters will say: "OK, but these folk are just fooling themselves." Fair play. From my experience, this is sometimes the reality!

I understand life in 2016 - we're pandering to those professionals who are SO busy and SO important to invest the time and the money in attending training courses with "real life" people where they can interact, share their knowledge, skills and experiences and help others to develop.

I understand that companies can't afford to have whole staff teams trotting off to a training course all at once. Sad thing is, I think these very same organisations think e-learning is a "quick fix" and a tick in a box. Stagger the staff who you send on training. Just an idea!



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  1. A comment from John in our
    A comment from John in our LinkedIn group:

    “E-learning has a place in the modern workplace and when done well it can be interactive and engaging. It can form part of a blended approach to supplement other learning methods. So I think we have to be careful to denegrate E-learning per se.

    However what e-learning can’t do is make up and replicate the types of conversations and peer learning that occur in face to face workshops. I also have reservations about E-learning being a suitable medium for the types of role plays that are part of soft skills training workshops”

    1. Thanks Shonette! I was trying
      Thanks Shonette! I was trying to be a bit “controversial” with the title to get juices flowing! I’m TOTALLY biased as I absolutely HATE e-learning. It just doesn’t suit my style at all. I suppose I’m a “people person” and I love the interaction and the sparking of ideas you get from the training room environment.

      1. Not a problem – I know what
        Not a problem – I know what you’re like! ūüėČ

        As I said to John in the group though, I think that it’s all about using a variety of methods, plus I think the term ‘e-learning’ doesn’t do any favours for itself; it sounds boring!

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