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Editor’s note: Seeing learning as ubiquitous in 2023

Becky Norman, Editor of TrainingZone, outlines why a more holistic approach to L&D is needed in 2023.

It’s going to be another busy year for the learning and development function. With this firmly in mind, the TrainingZone team are gearing up to bring you progressive, timely, distinct guidance as you navigate through your planned strategy (alongside the unexpected challenges that will inevitably be thrown your way).

To set the tone as we embark on 2023, I wanted to share with you details of our overarching theme, which will weave itself into the content we’ll be offering up throughout the year, alongside some more specific areas of focus.

As we become more aware of how learning can be holistically leveraged to drive business impact, L&D’s number of responsibilities grows.

TrainingZone’s 2023 theme: Ubiquitous learning

In a world that is spiralling out of control, great talent is essential to helping organisations maintain stability and strength. But old-hat L&D won’t suffice in building this talent. Only when we approach learning holistically will we nurture the skills, knowledge and mindset needed to wade through the choppy waters ahead.

TrainingZone's overarching theme for 2023 – ubiquitous learning – highlights the shift L&D needs to equip people for today’s most complex business and societal challenges. We believe learning can happen anywhere and everywhere if we set the right tone, create the right environment and nurture the right culture.

Throughout the year, we will provide you with concrete guidance and refreshing opinion on igniting a progressive L&D strategy. We will explore how the profession must widen its lens to consider wellbeing, inclusion, powerful partnerships, psychology, workplace culture and more. And how business-critical learning can intersect passion projects when embracing ubiquitous learning.

Alongside this, we will publish guidance to support you on a human level. To help you protect your own personal learning time and wellbeing.

What’s on our L&D radar for 2023?

As we become more aware of how learning can be holistically leveraged to drive business impact, L&D’s number of responsibilities grows. The following list contains just some of the pertinent issues we at TrainingZone will be offering expert guidance on throughout the year.

Career development as a retention tactic

Workers are seeking out enticing learning opportunities that equip them to grow in their careers – be that internally or externally. Culture Amp 2022 research shows the number one reason employees say they join a company – career development – is also the number one reason they ultimately leave a company. If employees feel left to stagnate they will leave, or stay but be disengaged and unproductive. HR and L&D must therefore work in close partnership to create a more progressive L&D offering in 2023.

Building better leaders

To navigate teams and organisations through chaotic times, leaders must be equipped to make tough decisions, inspire and energise others, uphold integrity and show compassion. 

Linkedin Learning research shows the learning profession is aware of this, with half of survey respondents stating leadership and management training is their primary focus. But the challenge lies in building leaders with the right blend of business skills and human skills.

How do you find that sweet skills spot where business needs and people’s passions intersect?

L&D on a budget

Through economic hardships, L&D is often top of the list for cutbacks. Learning professionals must be prepared for this challenge and respond quickly or risk halting crucial development plans. If budgets are stripped back, it will be time to employ top-notch L&D basics, get creative to maximise available resources, and harness the power of internal knowledge-sharing.

Aligning skills building with business needs AND personal passions

We at TrainingZone have been covering the need for L&D to become more attuned to business requirements for several years now – and the transition is still in motion. The learning profession’s increasing role in employee retention further complicates matters –  those upskilling programmes you offer now also need to entice your people to stay. How do you find that sweet skills spot where business needs and people’s passions intersect?

L&D’s opportunity to drive a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging

Speaking of skills, L&D teams have the potential to play a far more impactful role in DEIB that goes beyond the narrow lens of DEIB training delivery. RedThread Research uncovered 19 skills that correlate with a more inclusive culture, and it is the L&D function that should lead the charge on growing these across the workforce. In addition, you should consider the inclusivity of all of your learning opportunities, while also holding up the mirror to assess the inclusivity of the L&D function itself.

In 2023, ask yourself ‘How can we move to the next stage of our DEIB objectives in 2023?' Perhaps we can start with ourselves, by addressing our own unconscious bias?'

Making personal learning a priority

With so much more now expected of the learning profession, it’s no wonder that LinkedIn Learning found L&D folk spending 23% less time on their development than others on the platform. But for long-term success in an evolving function, it’s imperative for you to assess your skills gaps and build up your capabilities where needed.

Consider our 2023 theme – ubiquitous learning – and how you can widen the lens through which you see your role as an L&D professional.

Reflect on the expansive role of learning

As a learning expert you will know the power of reflection before taking action. But still, it’s easy to fall into the trap of getting stuck straight into your L&D to-do list in the new year. Before you do, why not try these five reflective questions from L&D expert Jackie Clifford to set yourself up for success?

As you reflect, consider our 2023 theme – ubiquitous learning – and how you can widen the lens through which you see your role as an L&D professional. Which business issues are you currently overlooking? How can L&D be harnessed to address these issues? In what ways could your L&D solutions to these issues intertwine with and impact other areas of the business?

Watch this space for guidance on all the above or, better yet, sign up to our newsletter to get insights sent you to directly. For now, we at TrainingZone wish you a year of good health, personal growth and clear direction!


Author Profile Picture
Becky Norman

Managing Editor

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