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Encouraging People to Use E-Learning.


We have recently invested in a great new training software package. It is installed on all of our trainees' PCs, so that people can use it at their work stations. What can we do to promote the system so that people actually use it?

4 Responses

  1. Cart before the horse?
    Difficult to respond without knowing the context, Clare.
    Motivation is linked to (a) trainees’ perceived relevancy of learning objectives and (b) if the learning outcomes are of any use. E.g.
    * Does the training address current trainees’ wants and needs?
    * Is it useful to them now, and worth their time and effort?
    * Will it improve performance?
    * Will improved performance be acknowledged/rewarded?

    Your query begs a few other questions:
    * Was the package trialled on a representative sample of end-users?
    * How much time is spent at the PC? If the answer’s a lot, they would probably prefer training that takes them away from the usual working environment.
    * Meaningful training takes, among other things, time, space, and a reflective mindset. Is there ‘quality’ time allowed for using the package?
    Feel free to discuss this further.

  2. Learning @ the desktop

    The area of learning at the desktop is one which causes much debate at present. I myself find it difficult with all the interuptions e.g phone, e-mail, colleagues. Length of the course and ability to complete in small sections, bookmarking where possible are all important. Business benefit is another along with management buyin and sales targets being reduced while learning is being completed.

    If you are interested in e learning consultancy drop me a line [email protected]



  3. You are not alone with this challenge!
    You certainly are further confirmation that e-learning solutions don’t come in a box!
    As an organisation that consults, supplies and supports e-learning solutions I wonder if prior to your investment ROI proof was brought to the table prior to any such commitment or investment? This in itself would have revealed the necessary components aside from relevancy of software to ensuring successful user take up.
    The bigger question is Do you have senior management / executive support and agreed organisatrional learning targets. Is there a link set up for such skills to be part of the HR Appraisal process? Is the e-learning content consistant with what is taught in the classroom?
    My questions go on.
    Please feel free to mail for consultancy further advice.
    [email protected]

  4. If you build it will they come – and then will they stay?
    Hi Clare

    It sounds like and interesting situation you have, I heard about one company running a marketing campaign called TOYS (Training On Your Own System) they gave out lots of small toys to encourage people to use the system. Very American but it seemed to work however there are a lot of other fundamental questions which you need to answer first – the main ones have been identified already by the other replies posted here.

    At the moment as part of my Masters Dissertation I am currentley investigating the extent of abandonment in e-learning. That is the frequency and reasons why e-learners do not complete on-line and CD-ROM courses. In many ways this is the next problem that you are likely to encounter once elearners begin to take the courses.

    If you would like to take part in my research then mail me [email protected]

    The study will also ask some fundamental questions about elearning motivation so I hope it would be relevant to you.



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