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How important is your Social Media “image”?


Hi all,

I'm fascinated as to whether there's any psychology behind Social Media profile pics and how people react to them?

Does your profile picture say a lot about you? How important is "image" to your role or your training business, particularly on Training Zone and Linkedin, professional networking platforms?

I see some folk and they look like they're auditioning for "America's Next Top Model", while others appear to have lost a fiver and found a sixpence! Then, there are the "lurkers" who don't have a profile picture...

What are your thoughts?


7 Responses

  1. Interesting question! I try
    Interesting question! I try to keep my image on Twitter fairly friendly and informal (same pic as on here actually!) whereas I do think that I should probably update my LinkedIn to something a bit more ‘professional’ – whatever that means!
    I think more people are realising the importance of their social media presence not only being a great way to network and communicate, but also be a sort of shop window into their character, skills, who their contacts are – so it’s important to to make sure that these accounts reflect you in the way you want to be seen.
    No profile picture always looks bad though!

    1. Thanks Shonette,
      Thanks Shonette,

      Totally agree. I know many of us don’t like having our photos taken (I look like I’m gurning if a smile crosses my lips!). I stumble across some photos and think: “Good grief! You look like you’ve had FAR too many at the office Christmas party!!”

      I find no profile picture at all a bit spooky. I often wonder: “”What are you hiding?!”


  2. Hi Ade, there is a psychology
    Hi Ade, there is a psychology behind it but not sure how it all works. I think it’s about portraying the image you want to get what you want. So, for example, if you want to get a new job the idea is to be friendly yet professional and the suggestion is that your photo should show you in professional attire, smiling and looking straight at the camera. On linked-in there are plenty of people who are involved in multi-level marketing schemes who refer to themselves as ‘coaches’ and they portray their lives as one big holiday/party etc.
    I once had a boss who had a professional black and white photo done of him looking right at the camera with chin in hands – it made him look like a stage hypnotist. My profile picture was as a direct result of people saying I was too friendly/happy looking to be taken seriously. So I now look into the distance with a wistful look – not sure it’s done any good.

    1. Ha ha! Love it, Clive!
      Ha ha! Love it, Clive!

      I went for the “Grant Mitchell mean ‘n’ moody” look on Twitter once, until a lady on one of my training courses said she was using the photo to keep her kids away from the fire grate!!

      I’m not a fan of those “smiley, head tilted, chin-propped-up-with-hand” shots. Folk trying to look dead sincere. It’s all a bit staged for my liking.

      1. Darn it Ade, it was the best
        Darn it Ade, it was the best of the bunch when I had some shots done…Ah well, I’m sure you’d love the real me….

        1. I don’t think there’s
          I don’t think there’s anything staged or false about you, Julie.


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