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How to enhance training and development аt work


It is quite expensive to fund training and development programs for employees, and it can be frustrating when the desired results are not achieved. In many cases, the training and development programs do not promote the propagation of valuable information in the workplace.

 In many organizations, the managers discover that it is quite difficult to study and understand the actual behavioral changes in the employees after the training and development programs. While these programs were meant to make the changes apparent, you may feel like you have not obtained a value for your investment in organizing these programs.  This is why it is important that organizations discover better ways to implement training transfer in the workplace

There are certain strategies you can use to achieve this goal. The impact of employee training programs can be increased by establishing as training and development support unit to assist your employees. The following tips include the right approach to enhancing the value of your employee training program.

Preparing your employees before the training sessions begin.

The following methods can be used to prepare your employees for the training session to increase the chances that the training and education will be transferred to the workplace.

First, confirm that the missing link in your organization is a training and development program.

If the issues being faced in your organizations will not be resolved by a training program, it is obvious that there will be no added value. You must ensure that training and development are what your employees need and that they will benefit from the particular training program you have chosen.

 Identify areas of weakness in your employee's official duties and determine how effective a training program will be in helping the employees to perform those tasks more proficiently. You can begin by asking questions such as; does your employee have the skills and tools to perform the tasks? Do they understand the job description? Are they mentally fit and professionally capable of handling those duties? Or do they display interest, skill, and the ability to improve their current knowledge?

 Develop a proper context upon which the employee training and development will be based

 Your goal here is to create a context that can be used to educate your employees about the essence of developing new skills, obtaining the right information and performing research to discover new ideas related to their job functions. Ensure that your employees understand the value of training programs and how the programs can help them function better.

The value of training can be promoted when your employees understand how the training can help them overcome issues and frustrations that limit their ability to perform their jobs well in view of achieving the organization’s plan and goals.

Other methods such as rewards, incentives, and public commendation can be used to praise employees who complete training programs and efficiently apply the new knowledge in their jobs. Employees value certificates that indicate they have gone through specific training programs especially when they are publicly recognized in the organization's official newsletters.

 The creation of contextual strategies will promote an attitude of motivation during the training program. The employees will be eager to discover the knowledge they have been told will help them perform their duties better.

Include training programs that will directly enhance specific skills your employees’ lack.

 This training could also include new information and methods that have just been introduced into the industry. There is no harm in creating your training plan based on observations you have made in your workplace if the proposals from the training providers don’t meet your expectations. However, a majority of the training providers like Cours gratuits will be willing to modify their methods to meet the specific needs of your employees.
If you organize training programs to help employees improve their use of software and other applications when what they need is training on how to provide and manage feedback, the employees will regard the training as a waste of time and unnecessary, in this case, they will hardly learn any new skills.

Use every opportunity you get to link the training programs to the employees’ official duties and their goals. And in organizations where the employee appraisals include their self-developmental achievements, you should ensure your employees know their performance during the training program will be recorded.

Choose training and development programs for your employees which have objectives and expected results that should reflect in their performance after the training.

Create an employee training program that has measurable results. It is also crucial to clearly identify the objectives and how the training can help your employees attain these objectives.

By making clarifications about the training program, your employee will understand the value of the training and the direct benefits. They will also be aware of the fact that they are being taught skills that will help them achieve their objectives in the workplace.


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  1. Great article – we find that
    Great article – we find that appropriate training really empowers your team, so it’s definitely a worthwhile investment!

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