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Intranet for Interactive Training


The company I work for has recently succesfully installed an Intranet.After an initial settling in period, training people on its use and benefits etc, we are now investigating how we can use it to deliver interactive training. I am very interested in listening to views on how best we can do this, success stories, cost implications, and if at all possible seeing one being used for training purposes.We pretty much get the impression we can go as far as we want with this, but to justify the investment we need some solid proof of its worth. All views on this subject greatly appreciated.
carl wiles

5 Responses

  1. Define your training requirements

    We at MMT have worked with many companies that have looked to deploy training on their Intranet and urge them not to make the same mistake that many did when setting up learning centres, namely just to go and buy as much content as they could without checking if their organisation needed it.

    With the ability to ‘hit’ everyone in your organisation with training now, it is important you take time to identify training projects which you could tap into to provide a delivery channel that means people can access material they really need.

    This way you do not have to convince people they should use the material and it is seen as being relevant to their job rather than ‘just in case’ they need it.

    If you would like to talk more about our experiences drop me a mail or visit our web site



  2. Link intranet training with other methods to get the best of all
    The intranet, along with other forms of training technology offers you the chance to ensure that you meet the needs and suit the learning styles of all your learners. Use it as a tool to enhance the training that is delivered. It will not (should not?) replace some face to face contact – many learners find technology based training impersonal. However, it can help to reduce your training costs, and at the same time, to enhance learning by becoming an important and inclusive part of the training you offer. If you include intranet training as part of all the other training courses/programmes you offer, it is possible to develop your learners so that they use the intranet and see it as an important part of their learning opportunities. In addition you can make sure that your face to face training starts at a different point by guiding your learners to topics on the intranet that introduce them to the learning topic, so that they arrive at training sessions with some understanding of a topic – the learning can then start from the learner perspective rather than the trainer.

    I have been involved in multi media technology for over 12 years and have experiences based on my time as Open Learning Manager at British Nuclear Fuels, combined with my role now as Director of Action Development Group, an organisation that specialises in organisation, management and trainer development. I am presently working with 2 organisations (one plc and one sme)looking at how they will develop their learning resource centres and intranets – the emphasis is on combining learning methods to achieve cost benefits and improved learning. If you would like more information do give me a ring on 01253 794048. Do have a look at our website at I hope this helps – I think it is a fantastic time to be involved in training we are helping to create a more effective learning environment. Hope to speak to your soon.

    Anita Wild

  3. Adding value to training with your intranet
    Dear carl

    Further to other answers you could always start by using your intranet to add value to your face to face training.

    On-line pre-course work, post course evaluations and regular post course briefings have shown to be very effective with several of our clients.


  4. Ideas for using intranet for online learning

    There is so much you can do – much at virtually no cost, and ranging all the way up to spending a fortune. We’ve done a couple of expert guides and online presentations on this. You might want to check out How to choose the right online collaborative learning tool and/or Taking your training courses and resources online.

    If you want to start simply, you can do lots of creative things by publishing good PowerPoint resources and also running some informative NetMeeting events for staff. Beyond that, there are plenty of good proprietory products for converting existing learning content into elearning modules (although to do this well takes time). I’m particularly interested by the latest technology for running live events over the internet/intranet which is particularly useful where you have staff in multiple locations.

    As other people have said below a key feature is to get your staff using the intranet, making it really easy for them to post content onto the intranet, and encouraging staff-staff communication, not just manager-staff instruction.

    We did a presentation on Business-to-Employee intranets and the use of them for learning at a recent seminar. You can find the presentation here and similar papers in the Best Practice pages.

    Tim Pickles, founder, TrainingZone
    [email protected]

    Tim Pickles, founder, TrainingZone


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