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New recruitment reports provides detailed insights


Business has evolved and so too has recruitment and today, human resource professionals and businesses can now gain accurate insights into how candidates applying for job openings will respond to different work and business scenarios. This is done with a new series of reports targeted at talent selection, onboarding and management strengths.

Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) psychometric are the new tools used to assess the competency of candidates and the one designed by Mettl is an industry standard for companies globally. These tests which only take a couple of minutes are the backbone of reports which provide deeper insights into how recruits will respond to different scenarios in the workplace.

These reports provide in-depth analysis into the ease with which people will respond to taking decisions or how quickly they would adapt to changing environments. This provides a wealth of knowledge with which senior managers and HR professionals can leverage during the recruitment process, from the interview through onboarding, and beyond.

The reports are definitive and straightforward and using all the data sourced from the psychometric assessments, and one can explain how it will impact on behaviors in the workplace. For example, a candidate profiled as being strong-willed and independent, will be nominated for certain jobs and suggest how they should be managed. It will also identify scenarios where they may struggle as a result, such as having a low tolerance for others or being impatient.

There are some distinct categories in the Mettl psychometric analysis, and when interpreting the results, it is important to remember that there are no good or bad scores, only those who are more appropriate or less appropriate for certain kinds of jobs.

The categories of the competency analysis include:


This describes the eagerness of an individual to take responsibility for their actions and decisions. This skill is important as the said worker may be required to take decisions for not just themselves but the team. This also factors in the ability of the candidate to produce error-free work or take corrections and rectify mistakes.

Also, this metric describes the candidate’s ethical propensity, like how open they are with their transactions with internal and external stakeholders. Also, it tells how likely they are to follow a right course of action regardless of the consequences to themselves.


This describes the candidate's overall outlook on life and how well they can hold on to their core beliefs regardless of the actions of those around them. This also touches on how well they understand their strengths and the areas where they need development.

Also, this shows how well they can maintain work-life balance and their well-being. It also shows how well they respond to changing situations.


This describes how likely they are to learn new skills and acquire the knowledge needed to perform optimally in their jobs. This also describes their willingness to abandon conventional methods of doing things and put in the effort to upgrade their technical and professional skills.

Their drive also demonstrates how well they will work with team members in a cooperative manner which may enable them to understand and appreciate individual differences.


How likely the individual is to establish a positive relationship with colleagues based on trust also plays a role in how they fit into a particular position. They should be able to build and maintain productive and long-term relationships with different stakeholders over a period.


How well the staff is aware of established systems and processes which govern the organization plays a role in their task delivery. This includes their willingness to follow given instructions and directions also.


The needs of customers are the backbone of any business and understanding what the customers require affects how well they deliver tasks assigned them. It also describes how easily they can come up with different ways which can add value to internal and external customers and deal with customer queries, requests and complaints efficiently.


The ability of a worker to adapt to changes and how comfortable they are working and trying out new activities and experiences. This also shows how enthusiastic they will be when situations become dynamic.

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