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Point of Use Training


I am looking for a device that will allow our workforce to view job aids and other training tools at the point of use.  I need it to be mobile and preferably battery operated.  My company will not allow us to use traditional tablets so I need something made specifically for manufacturing.  We will not be using email, wifi or any connections.   The content will need to be loaded directly on the device.  Anyone using such a device?

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  1. Sounds like a video/photo
    Sounds like a video/photo player without any connective capacity? I am interested to see if there is anything specific anyone already uses as we have the same challenge in the hangers.

  2. We have the same issue with
    We have the same issue with our Field teams. The issue that you will have is that without broad band/wifi you will physically have to upload a new document onto every device each time a process or procedure changes. So, if they change monthly and you have 100 devices, you will have to physically delete and upload the new document every time to that many devices. From the user point of view, this could become cumbersome too because they won’t be able to search for what they want, they would have to physically scroll through a screen of document and if you have 100’s of them, that can be quite frustrating.
    I’m assuming the company are saying no to wifi because of the perceived costs? Have you looked into mi-fi’s? They are small mobile hotspots offering connectivity. They have a small cost per month that probably isn’t as much as installing Wi-Fi. You can have low band-width devices then that don’t allow much more than being able to access the docs but if they are on a shared drive, you only have to update the master copy and everyone will get the updated version plus it will be searchable on a drive so the users get to the document they want quickly.
    We tried what you suggest with our field staff and it just was more problematic than you can imagine which lead to low engagement and dis-satisfaction. Plus high maintenance to keep it up to date – people had to literally come in to a central location to get the latest docs update which was a pain all round. Hope that helps.


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