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Presenting a training course with passion


I have recently had feedback that one of my team members is delivering the content of the induction well but there is a lack of charisma and passion about the topic making it come across as monotone. I am looking to enroll them in a presentation skills course, but want to know if anyone has any recommendations for a short course/ workshop in the London area. It would be for 3 people.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am unsure of where to start with this!

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  1. Video each one delivering
    Video each one delivering something- you don’t need Spielberg; a mobile phone works fine.
    Get the three people together and show them all the videos. Get them to then discuss the films they have just seen on the basis of:
    a) how engaging they were,
    b) how inspiring they were and
    c) how memorable the messages were
    with the aim of peer coaching and self awareness to help each find ways to make their delivery more engaging, inspiring and memorable.

    It worked wonders in teams I’ve worked with in the past.

  2. Hi anon; not sure you need a
    Hi anon; not sure you need a course for this. Find suitable Youtube videos, watch them and practice together. Watch it once, or five times or as many as each individual needs to. I like this one from Paul McGee:

    There’s loads of others though and best of all – it’s free.

  3. Hi.

    You might find it useful to have a look at the TED talks website.

    There are lots of inspiring talks and you’ll pick up some good presentation tips to support any training that you’ll do.

    I’ve also found the work of Garr Reynolds to be excellent. His book Presentation Zen is great. It offers excellent advice on how to design your presentation material. It really helps to develop your presentation material and link it to your talk.

    He is also a really good on stage. It is good to watch him in action.

    Hope it helps,


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Sheila Taghavi

Head of L&D

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