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SME Struggling to record on-the-job training



We have been going backawards and forwards for years over how best to record on the job training. We have very nice looking log sheets and we do yearly appraisals, at which we record any training needs identified and plan training accordingly (and at some point it gets logged in-great). 

Our main problem is training that happens on the job, or rather for us; on the fly. We have fully trained staff otherwise they wouldn't be able to do their jobs. But how to do go about actually recording training that occurs day to day? We run a manufacturing company so if there's an issue on one of the machines and the Director shows a member of production how to solve it- should this class as training? As technically that member of staff now (hopefully) knows how to fix that problem. 

Or does training only really count if someone says "Hey, can you show me how to do XYZ?" and they are actually sat down and shown how to do it? 

Okay to sum up;

What should we actually class as training and therefore requiring recording? 

How do we record everyday instances of training? 

We do utilise external training very infrequently (mainly Health & Safety things). But this is becoming a real issue for us now as we have fully trained staff but no records to prove that they have been trained and when or by who.

Apologies for the ramble, hopefully it make some sense- thank you!

2 Responses

  1. Anything that involves
    Anything that involves learning something new and catering the problems of the organization effectively is by an means ‘Training’ so you should not really emphasize that much on going for formal classes or something instead give your employees confidence by helping them in fixing issues in a more friendly way and it would be the best on job training for them.

  2. So, the current thinking is
    So, the current thinking is that it’s all about learning rather than training and we all learn each and every day. Up to 70% of our knowledge is learned by actually doing our job, 20% by on the job coaching or mentoring and 10% formally in a classroom.
    Simply put, we learn all of the time.
    So, what to record? Give each employee a monthly calendar with enough room, each day, to write something down and ask them to record what they learn each day. You could use a key to indicate whether it’s formal training or coaching/mentoring or on the job/in the moment learning. This could then be discussed monthly. Hope that helps.


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