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Social Learning in Practice


Clearly Social Learning is more than just learning using Social Media; so I would appreciate hearing from others about how they make Social Learning work in their organisations.

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  1. Hi Clive
    Hi Clive
    Slightly ironic that a post on a social media platform about social learning has had no response so far, don’t you think.

    I run a training broker company and even though we have a relatively small amount of staff we have a Google plus group where we can share useful information that we’ve found.

    We then choose one of these items to discuss in our end of week meeting in more depth. Its part of our “What have I learnt, achieved and what made me smile” section.

    Personally I use Twitter to follow and learn from other people in the world of L&D. I’ve organised face to face networking groups in London to then meet some of these people. LinkedIn is another platform I use, contributing to group discussions where I can see I add value.

    Was this the sort of response you had in mind? How do you use it at npower?

  2. Thanks Blake, yes I thought
    Thanks Blake, yes I thought it would be a hot topic and rife for discussion. To be honest, I was hoping to get ideas outside of social media tools. So in your case, for example, how do you share what you have learned with others once you have got nuggets from linkedIn etc? In npower we have various tools; we use Yammer across the group and some of our business functions use Chatter. We have our own internal TV channel and for L & D we are using a tool called Fuse which is supplied by a third party but allows use to create and post bite size learning chunks in communities which users can comment, ask questions about, like or share with others. Fuse is a bit like an internal youtube facility but so much more as it allows you to build formal curricula as well as informal.
    That being said, it was what people were doing outside of using social media or digital tools that I was more interested in exploring.

  3. Hi Clive,
    Hi Clive,
    I’m also surprised more people haven’t jumped on this thread- maybe because it’s still a relatively new area for many?
    In our organisation we use Chatter to share updates across the business and Slack within individual projects & teams, but it’s definitely used by a core few rather than the majority.
    We had an article on HRZone recently which may be of use:

  4. Hi Shonette, thanks for
    Hi Shonette, thanks for replying. I thought perhaps it would generate more discussion as I’m not actually talking so much about Social Learning/ Social media Tools but what other methods people have to share new knowledge other than using technology. So it could be huddles, other meetings, hot topic sessions or show and tell type things. For me it is more about the actual sharing of knowledge outside of those tools that I am interested in exploring.

  5. Hi All
    Hi All

    My organisation has also been using Yammer to share best practice and this has been a good place to host some other learning tools.

    I’ve recently produced a series of bite-sized tutorial videos using Camtasia for some of our IT system. I’veput these on Yammer along with relevant information vids I’ve come across on YouTube and a regular visual “Tip of the Week”.

    In a couple of months we’ll be using SharePoint so our staff will have one point of contact to search for videos, crib sheets, guidebooks etc. Some of the face to face training sessions will be recorded to create podcasts too. SharePoint also allows you to create Blogs which I’m encouraging managers to do as a way of sharing knowledge with, and engaging with their team.

    Now Microsoft have purchased Yammer, it will also survive as a feed inside of SharePoint.

    Exciting stuff!

    Our roles are definitely becoming more about facilitating learning than just delivering it.


  6. many in L&D miss the point.
    many in L&D miss the point. its not about the platform, but the intent, and the fit with culture.
    last year I took a dying platform and ran an 18 strong team via it, and in doing so engages 100s around the world to use it for their purposes too.

    It {the platform} must be seen as a solution to a real life problem, or it just wont fly!

  7. We’re currently attempting a
    We’re currently attempting a few things…online communities/forums on our internal email system, organised but informal chats after conferences, IT Tech Talk Tuesday, promoting any local meet ups, recommending people to follow on Twitter or LinkedIn, Challenge & Support Groups for leaders…
    All with various success but it’s early days. Some of the most positive have been in IT where they’ve seen partner organisation really embrace learning and have simply followed their lead. We encourage them to suggest topics and lead the facilitaion – the L&D BP gives advice and encouragement and we also sort out the logistics.

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