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Standards for IT Trainers


I am trying to find out what the required standard is for an IT trainer in the basic IT applications - WP, spreadsheet, database etc. What qualification ought to be sought and would this be applicable in both the further education environment and industry?

With thanks

Lyn Chappell
Lyn Chappell

8 Responses

  1. A European Computer Driving Licence…
    Hi Lyn,

    I believe that the ECDL was created to answer your question! There has been much publication on TrainingZone regarding its conception, about 18 months ago.

    As to whether it has been accepted within the education or industry sectors as the benchmark, I’m afraid I do not know.

    Microsoft training (MCSE) has, I believe set the Industry standard.

    If you have no luck searching the web – after TrainingZone – I do have some examples of modules for ECDL.

    Good luck!

    [email protected]

  2. I teach ECDL and it’s excellent!
    A really good all round package of IT applications.

    If you go to the ECDL website ( they list the full syllabus as well as sample questions.

    The college where I teach are inundated with people wanting to attend this class so I would say yes – this is a good way to start!

    Good luck!

  3. Can you answer “Why” as well as “How”?
    Hi Lyn

    While ECDL tests basic knowledge of how to use an application, I don’t think it’s sufficient for IT trainers. Certainly if a trainer approached us for work offering ECDL as their qualification, it wouldn’t be enough on its own.

    I don’t look for standard qualifications in our trainers, as in my (albeit limited) experience, they tend to focus on “How” not “Why”.

    Instead, I expect our IT trainers to have used the package in anger and to be able to answer the “Why” questions. I find that these two tend to come together – if you have used a package in anger, you have a good understanding of WHY you use it that way. If you have just learned it in order to teach it, you only know HOW to use it.

    For example, all our Access trainers regularly take on Access development projects for customers. That way, they are continually developing their skills in database design and Access development. They’re always learning new tricks and techniques, and discovering better ways of doing things and they can answer from experience when someone asks them a question such as “Why is referential integrity so important?”

    Similarly, our Project trainers have all managed projects, our Word trainers all use Word to develop training materials and other documents, our PowerPoint trainers are all experienced presenters…

    So rather than looking for qualifications, I look for proof of experience. Bring along an Access database you have developed, talk me through a project you have managed, take me through one of your presentations…

    It’s a lot more involved than just providing proof of a qualification, but it gives me the confidence that our trainers have knowledge above and beyond the level they’re teaching on the course.

    Nici Aldridge
    A2Z Computer Services

  4. Trainer Qualifications
    I couldn’t agree with the last answer more! ECDL is for us a basic minimum and we look for experience and personal presence. By the latter we mean the ability to provide answers to non standard questions and still hold the interest of all the other class members.

    Ability to achieve great results in training may have less to do with qualifications and a lot more to do with ‘show us’ how this works then, what if that doesn’t work what do we do then, approaches.

    An ability to deal with an ever increasing demanding clientelle is also a must and to be able to refer new business opportunties back into the company. These skills take a time to develop which which we look for in the first 6 months someone works for us. For that reason we prefer to train our own to academic standards from picking the best raw material for IT trainers, in other disciplines there are different criteria. Our research shows this approach is a private sector approach rather than a college/Uni one.

    Training By Design Global Ltd
    0870 241 3998

  5. MOUS
    I would think that the MOUS Office Expert qualification would be a good basic qualification. It is at a higher standard than ECDL. You can check out what is required at

  6. JEB (Pitman) Teachers and Trainers Diploma in IT Skills
    I am currently employed as an IT Trainer (Microsoft products) in industry and I am enrolled on the above course, which “apprently” is recognised in Further Education and Industry, as a qualification to teach Adults.
    The level of the IT skills covered are CLAIT / IBT 2, so it is basic level.
    Has anyone else had any experience of this qualification, and will it be taken seriously?

    Thanks alot

    Fran Snelgrove

  7. TAP – IITT
    Allegedly (as another responder says), TAP from the Institute of IT Training is a good skill to learn for training – but as another person commented, knowledge of the products as a USER is also very important – impossible to train Project unless you have run a project using the software!


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